Higher Wages & Plush Benefits: Why They Can’t Co-Exist

October 10, 2018 By admin

Leave it to Amazon to open up Pandora’s box in the HR world. Their recent announcement on increased minimum wages for its employees sparked debate, copycat behavior, and even virulent backlash.
What’s the complication with increased minimum wages? No intention to bore you with a full-on econ tutorial but higher wages, the rate of wage growth, and plush workplace benefits are not meant to cooperate peacefully in a capitalist society.
As workplaces have skewed to offering more benefits in the past decade to lure top candidates and increase dismal retention rates, employers manning the checkbooks realized something has to go. Since no one purposefully wants to stagnate wages, executives are pondering a difficult question. Freeze wages and add benefits? Or increase wages and eliminate some benefits?
Which brings us back to Amazon. When you add in the cutthroat competition between big-name retailers, the stakes are extraordinarily high (R.I.P. Sears). Let’s take a look at some of the nation’s biggest employers to see how they’re currently approaching benefits, wages, and the conundrum of choosing.
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