Hilarious job titles + Anti-Racism training + Exec-level D&I jobs + LinkedIn’s ATS + Hire talented young engineers + Where to live your remote life.

June 25, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Plus some more must reads on race-relations...

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TLDR:  Poll on Anti-Racism training, More must-reads on race relations, Exec-level D&I jobs, Hilarious job titles, Hire talented young engineers on 7/16, LinkedIn’s ATS, Discussing race-relations in the workplace, Where to live your remote life.

Yet another Thursday has begun.

It turns out that sharing that personal story last week did help quite a few readers (exactly 50, it seems). Thanks to all of you who replied – I shared that love with my wife.

I imagine that many of you in NYC are happy to see some socialization happening on the streets, now that restaurants are able to provide sit-down dining outdoors. It’s nice to see people eating outdoors, throughout the neighborhood. It would be great if this became a permanent fixture for many of these restaurants. They could use the boost.

Another favored pastime to return is Premier League Footy, and the return of my beloved Liverpool – a team that could win their first league title in 30 years today (if Manchester City tie or lose).

I’d wager <1% of you care about that previous paragraph, so I’ll carry on with the useful stuff now.

For starters, I’m going to begin including a weekly poll in these emails. By clicking an answer, your response is recorded anonymously. No additional steps are needed.

Today’s poll: Does your company have plans on incorporating mandatory anti-racisism training for all employees?
Yes, we've already implemented this training
Yes, we are in the planning stages
Yes, but we haven't begun planning yet
No, we do not have plans to incorporate mandatory anti-racist training

The topic of race relations will remain interwoven throughout this weekly email, leading off with suggested reading and providing any related events or content. We’ll start today with this children’s rendition of a popular Civil Right’s song, “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize” (H/T to Calila, my daughter, who is in the mix):

Thanks, as always, for listening.

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Talent Acquisition:

  • Technical Recruiter (Remote) – Square
  • Coordinator, Talent Relations (Miami) – NBCUniversal
  • Recruiting Coordinator (NYC) – VTS
  • VP, Talent Strategy (NYC) – Oscar
  • Recruiting Ops Manager (NYC) – PolicyGenius
  • Senior Recruitment Partner (Remote) – Enjoy

People Ops & Business Partners

  • Manager, People Business Partners (SF) – Juniper Square
  • People Research Scientist (SF) – Pinterest


  • Recruiting Data Specialist – Contract (Menlo Park) – Robinhood
  • Facilities Manager (Nashville) – Postmates

Companies with multiple HR Jobs:


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