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Five Easy Steps to Creating a Video Job Description

April 21, 2017 By Tarek Pertew

Creating a Video Job Description

As mentioned, Uncubed has launched a beta of a new product offering that we couldn’t be more excited about: the Video Job Listing, which our clients can film from the comfort of their own computers.

When you film a VJD on Uncubed.com the output will be HD quality video — so we’ve got some tips for you to make sure you look and sound your best.

Keep reading (and if you’re interested in becoming a beta partner, please email us at [email protected]).

5 Steps to Filming A High Quality VJD:

  1. Choose a quiet place to film, whether that be a conference room, your desk before or after other people arrive at the office, or your bedroom at home!
  2. Repetition is key. You can film yourself as many times as you like before you submit your video job description to be published, and it can be taken down at any time. The more you practice, the more natural you’ll be on camera. If it’s helpful, pull up bullet points that you can glance at on your computer screen — but remember, having a natural and conversational tone is key.
  3. Add depth to your background — try not to have a blank wall behind you. If there’s art work or a plant or anything that can give a deeper dimension to the shot, all the better. It needn’t be anything fancy — just filming in front of a brick wall is better than a plain white wall, for example.
  4. If you’re near a window, sit 45 degrees to the window, not facing it directly. This again will give more depth to the image.
  5. Respect the rule of thirds. Don’t site in the center of the camera. Sit off to one side or the other. This simple rule of thumb will make your video look more natural and less formal.

Remember, the Video Job Description isn’t you reading an actual job description on camera. Use the video job description as a powerful supplement to that (your textual job description will live below your video, and candidates can read the nitty-gritty bullet points after they view your video).

Introduce yourself, say what company you’re hiring for, and the position you’re looking to fill. Then use the remaining time to stress one quality or requirement that is paramount for a candidate to have, and convey how excited you are to fill the role.

Happy filming!


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