How We’re Providing A Soft Landing For New Jobseekers

December 12, 2019 By Conor Armor

Layoffs stink.

We could expound on that statement, but you get the gist, and more than likely agree.

Instead, let’s address a more complicated question for workers who’ve been recently laid off: what comes next?

Uncubed has teamed up with KettleSpace and GoCoach to put on a breakfast series to connect new jobseekers with hiring tech companies.

Last week, we launched our first Soft Landing event at Aldea in Flatiron. Forty jobseekers and more than a dozen hiring companies attended.

Those companies — along with a career coaching consultant from GoCoach — then rotated amongst various jobseeker pods, from engineers to designers to product managers and more.

And of course, a heaping helping of breakfast and coffee was had.

This was a new event format for us — but given recent mass layoffs across the industry, the timing felt right to try something new. And based on the feedback that we’ve received, it appears we’re onto something.

“Absolutely loved this concept! I learned more about what I’m looking for and how to articulate my strengths,” said attendee Leslie Bautista. “I felt valued from recruiters wanting to connect and that boosted my confidence for sure! Would definitely love to do this again.”

We know that getting back on your feet and seeking out your next opportunity after getting laid off is no easy task.

So, this coming Friday, we’re putting on another Soft Landing Event.

Among the companies who’ll be in attendance: Squarefoot, CB Insights, Knotch, Leaflink, and more.

Were you recently affected by mass layoffs? Get in touch.

Are you a company interested in recruiting at one of our future events? Get in touch.

Because we’d love to see you there too.


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