HR Breakfast + Connecting your soul to work + Employer Brand inspiration & measurement tips + Big new re: events

January 9, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Plus a killer pod on HR trends...

Hi friend,

I hope that your first full week of 2020 has set the right tone for the year.

One of my goals during the downtime between the holidays was to significantly reduce the amount of tabs I have open! Who can relate? ūüėā

Most were articles and videos that I wanted to read. I got through nearly all of them, which, of course, means I now have more great content to share!

But first, we have a few great HR roles I’d like to highlight for you.

Featured HR Opportunities for the Week:¬†Probably the most desirable company I’ve featured lately,¬†Infarm, is the gift that keeps on giving. The German-based sustainable farming company is expanding in a big way, starting with a growing NYC office. We’ve got the fast pass with¬†any of the following roles:

Hit reply or email [email protected] with your resume¬†and we’ll help you cut the line.

As always, other opportunities are at the end of this email.

LOOKING FOR A NEW HR GIG?¬†We are prioritizing HR and Talent¬†roles as part of the work we are committing towards placing talent. If you’re interested in a new gig, hit reply or email [email protected] directly.

UNCUBED NEWS (RELATED):¬†You may recall that we held two curated events last month¬†for folks affected by layoffs? Well, there’s already been 2 offers that we know of and we’re certainly not done yet. If you’re expecting a RIF (or know someone who is), reach out, because we’ll be hosting more of these, starting next month.

In fact, Uncubed is making a number of 2020 event changes. Most notably, the evolution of HR Uncubed into the Human Intelligence Invitational for CHROs and CPOs. Check out the blog post explaining our event changes in more detail.

WATCH THIS:¬†One of the most enjoyable uses of time for me during the break has been watching¬†Wistia’s award-winning documentary, 1,10, 100, documenting the results of investing $1k, $10k, and $100k into three videos solving for the same problem.

If you’re interested in using video as part of your HR or Talent strategy, you will gain so much useful knowledge watching this

For¬†Uncubed Studios, most of the videos we create for companies are the “10” and “100,” with the occasional “1”. Happy to share examples if you are interested.

READ THIS (RELATED):¬†If you are planning on expanding your employer branding efforts, but are looking for ways to measure success,¬†here’s a fun article¬†on the self-proclaimed “absolute” fool proof¬†way to measure employer brand. It’s written well, with useful, compelling detail. I challenge a bit of it (as seen in the comments), but overall I dig it.

READ THIS (RELATED):¬†Looking for employer brand inspiration? Then look no further.¬†Hired’s Global Brand Health Report¬†for employers is¬†beautiful, very well designed and informative.

ATTEND THIS (RELATED): Our next HR Breakfast is ready to roll. Join us for breakfast on Thursday, January 30th to discuss 2020 challenges and goals. Come connect with colleagues as we collectively share brain-power for launching successful 2020 employer branding initiatives.

WATCH THIS (SOUL & WORK):¬†Last week¬†I shared a story about my grandfather and his role in creating the Atomic Bomb. In a related story of work that tears at the soul,¬†here’s a beautiful 15 minute documentary from Mailchimp called 73 cows. Definitely give this a watch.

LISTEN TO THIS:¬†Chris, my co-founder and Uncubed|Mediabistro CEO was recently featured on Economist’s podcast to discuss digital talent trends. Well curated questions. Thoughtful answers. Multiple accents.¬†You won’t wanna miss it!

CONSIDER THIS (ALWAYS UNRELATED):¬†Need a fun new twitter account to follow?¬†R/GA’s doesn’t disappoint.

Bye for now,


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