Another Employer Branding Event? Absolutely. November’s HR Breakfast, Recapped

November 19, 2019 By Conor Armor

Surely your doctor — or at least some commercial actor wearing a stethoscope — has advised that you eat a complete and balanced breakfast. From our perspective, that means eggs, pastries… and a side of employer branding insights and tools. That’s what we served up at our latest employer branding event, November’s HR Breakfast at Sarabeth’s, with the help of featured speaker and Senior Director of Marketing at Blueboard Inc., Morgan Chaney.

According to a survey conducted by Chaney’s team, there are five especially impactful insights that should be included on every careers page: compensation and benefits (especially ‘learner’s journey opportunities’), company culture and inclusivity, opportunity to learn new skills, having challenging technical problems to solve, and who is on the team.

Chaney also emphasized the importance of employee advocacy, and pointed to two employer branding videos that effectively leveraged the employee POVs to tell a compelling story: one by Atlassian, and one by Zendesk.

As our own Tarek Pertew pointed out, “employer branding” consistently shows up on LinkedIn’s top trends for the coming year, but many companies still fail to jumpstart an employer branding campaign. When Pertew asked HR Breakfast attendees if their company currently has employer branding content live on their website, fewer than half of the people in attendance raised their hands.

As Pertew put it, an employer branding campaign “doesn’t feel like a baby step. It feels like a whale.”

From our perspective, it doesn’t have to be that way. By starting with just one blog post a month or a more active team culture Instagram page, you’ll begin to build the momentum that can eventually level up to a full-scale employer branding campaign.

That’s the first step in our brand new guide to employer branding strategy: just get started.

(But first, make sure you’ve had that complete, balanced breakfast. Because your doctor says so. And then keep your eyes out for the next HR Breakfast employer branding event.)

Scenes from Uncubed’s most recent HR Breakfast


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