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May 3, 2018 By Tarek Pertew

Hello, and what a week.

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Inasmuch as it’s appropriate, I want to give a newsletter shoutout to Katie Shine, who took on the role of programming for the conference with little previous experience. Her resourcefulness and willingness to go beyond her JD exemplify one my favorite characteristics in people. Reminds me of one of Uncubed’s longest-standing employees, Jessica Hutton, who is the operational and logistical maestro behind our events.

Some 400 attendees (and the rest of us at Uncubed) have you both to thank!

The Ultimate Professional
A while back I deleted my news app. Many years ago I removed my cable box. I try to eliminate the influence of media in my life as much as possible. So I had no idea that a near-crash occurred with a Southwest flight, had it not been for a pilot that exhibited the utmost requirements of her profession. Check out this short, great LinkedIn article.

The Ultimate Non-Professional
I’m on the advisory board for UVA’s Career Center and was booked on this morning’s 5:30 AM train down to Charlottesville to attend our board meeting. Upon arriving, we discovered our train was canceled. Instead of helping the stranded passengers, an employee berated everyone to “stop waiting in line. We can’t help you now. Either wait or get a refund!” No information. Nada. I called Amtrak and got the skinny: train derailment, no trains out till 7. I decided to tell everyone when he interrupted me with “he’s not an employee, don’t listen to him.”

But someone told him to shut up. Gotta love NY. (I got a refund and came home).

Speaking of jobs & transit: you had one job.

Keep on trainin’ on,


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  • Director of Human Resources (SF) – Reciprocity (join kind humans and dogs)
  • Chief of Staff to the CEO (Denver) – Inboxlab

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  • Corporate Recruiter (Atlanta) – Instacart
  • Exec Assistant (Boston) – DraftKings
  • Technical Sourcer (Menlo Park) – Robinhood
  • Director of Recruiting (NYC) – Meetup
  • HR Business Partner (NYC) – Intent Media

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