HR Uncubed + 2 great D&I relevant books + FBI negotiator secrets + more HR & TA jobs

March 7, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

Plus, who doesn't love Oatly?

I’m back from Brazil after 3 weeks. Unfortunately, two things I was hoping would be different, have indeed remained entirely unchanged: the weather (I believe I lost my tan on my first walk to the subway) and availability of Oatly (which is to say, it remains unavailable).

I got some great reading done while in Brazil and if you’re thinking “who goes to Rio and reads?”, you’ve got a fair point. But it did rain a lot.

Read: I read Nelson Mandela’s Autobiography Long Walk to FreedomThis book not only helped educate me on South African history (as well as broader African history) but also just how unbelievably powerful our self-preservation instinct is, that Apartheid could be justified by millions for decades. I say “our” because this is a tragic human frailty that plays out in all of our daily lives with different degrees of insidiousness.

Also Read: The other book I read was Tribe: On Homecoming and Belongingwhich is a wonderful short pairing to the heftier, Long Walk to Freedom. In this book, the author shares incredible historical facts about just how powerful the human need is for community and mutual dependence. In short, it’s why lonely rich people are pitifully unhappy and the “blue zones” are loaded with communities of modest, happy souls.

Here’s one interesting takeaway: during colonial times, when settlers were captured by Native Americans, they rarely wanted to return home when the opportunity presented itself (recapture or negotiated release). Yet, there’s not a single documented case of a captured Native American wanting to remain in the “civilized” culture.

Speaking of Inclusion (literally): To talk about these topics and more, we are excited to announce that Verizon Media’s Ramcess Jean-Louis, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Sandy Gould, VP, Talent Acquisition, Learning, and Diversity & Inclusion will be taking the stage together to share D&I strategies for you to log in your HR Uncubed playbook.

Event: Gang, it was so cold out this morning that we postponed our breakfast to March 21st. It will be in the East Village. RSVP if you fancy.

Event: Who’s going to HR Transform? I’ll be there, so let me know!

Event: The price for tickets to HR Uncubed jumps tomorrow. Who’s attending you ask? Well Uber, Peloton, Enigma, Chainalysis, Bustle, Affirm, Gemini, Verizon, Guardian Life, Sony, United Technologies, etc. etc. etc.

Watch: Check out this talk from a former lead FBI negotiator on skills you can use to handle difficult, personal situations.

HR Jobs: Our great friends at letgo have 4 jobs open for their people team. 2 in NYC and 2 in exotic places. Plus, they may have the most beautiful page on Uncubed.com as well. Learn what life is like by watching the videos and scroll down to the jobs if you fancy applying.



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