HR Uncubed 2018 Topic Highlight: 3 Reasons to Attend This Year’s Conference

April 10, 2018 By admin

I know we’re all crazy busy (believe me, this is the girl who has a 5 am morning routine in order to be a functional human!) but put down that over-packed schedule and give yourself a well-deserved break. Register for our upcoming HR extravaganza on May 1st & 2nd. We’ve already got a seat waiting for you in Brooklyn.

At HR Uncubed we’re making a commitment to you. We plan on improving your approach towards work. Engaging your creativity. Inspiring you with talks from innovators in media, marketing, and recruiting. And much more.

Here are 3 reasons why  you should take your seat  (no, not those 13 reasons why…no warning video required):

  • Beth Comstock, Former Vice Chair and CMO of GE & author
  • Jay Williams, Former Basketball extraordinaire, media personality, career change author & Managing Partner at Leverage Agency
  • Jim Curtis, President of Remedy Health Media, keynote speaker & author

No snooze-inducing lectures. No sales talks. No wasting time. Just high-quality Uncubed content (and group lunch, simplified, provided by Stadium, a leader in the meal service provider business).

Revlon, Braze, Primary VC and more cleared their schedules to attend. Will you?

Have a happy Tuesday!


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