HR Uncubed 2018 Topic Highlight: Career Change

February 27, 2018 By admin

Career change. On your mind lately? Navigating career change has become a challenge for many individuals (and employers) as people make difficult decisions on how to alter the course of their careers.

At this year’s HR Uncubed, we’re thrilled to have two dynamic speakers sharing their hard-earned insight on piloting their way through major career change. Beth Comstock and Jay Williams will divulge their strategies on how to ace career change.

Beth, former Vice Chair of GE, and Jay, former basketball extraordinaire and current author and business leader, each have a fascinating perspective that can only be heard at this year’s must-attend event.In addition to career change, I personally can’t wait to hear our speakers from these highly valued companies talk about digital transformation, the employee experience and more.

  • IBM valued at $102.1 billion
  • Uber valued at $48 billion
As your personal resource for HR Uncubed, I’m happy to answer questions & help you with tickets (and discounts) for yourself, your co-workers, and others in your professional network.

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