HR Uncubed 2018 Topic Highlight: Fix Damaging Glassdoor Reviews (with help from ValuesCulture)

April 3, 2018 By admin

Who loves reading negative reviews about themselves? Said no one…ever. Although celebrities can lovingly poke fun at their flaws, HR professionals have never jumped with joy when seeing their companies lambasted online. Negative Glassdoor reviews are the bane of a HR team’s existence.

Since I’m a half-glass full sort of girl, here’s the positive side of this dilemma. The world of HR has recently seen a wave of new roles focusing on an office’s vibe, happiness and even ‘heart‘.  These leaders have devised strategies to combat a team’s negative online baggage, reinvent office culture, and keep employees happy. Say goodbye to those cringeworthy reviews!

Let me introduce Peter Phelan, renowned Culture Doctor, and founder of ValuesCulture. Peter has made a huge impact on businesses by providing his advice, assessing their brand and revamping their culture. HR Uncubed is providing attendees with a Glassdoor Triage session. Present your challenges to Peter & turn those negative reviews around.

Alright, I banish negativity from the rest of this email. Time for happy thoughts!

A warm welcome to Contently, Launch, Verizon, Merrill, Softheon, and St. John’s University, Baruch College. See you at the conference.

Also, end your day by discovering the happiest places to work. A few of these companies are attending HR Uncubed to learn how to be even happier!

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I’m delighted to be your “happiness doctor” for the week (New HR title for 2019 perhaps??)

Have a beautiful afternoon,


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