HR Uncubed 2018 Topic Highlight: Learning & Development

April 18, 2018 By admin

Halfway through the work week, let me provide a philosophy lesson. Learning has long been extolled as tantamount to enhancing humans’ personal satisfaction, growth mindset, and creative juices. People feel valued when they learn new things that contribute to their improved performance. Surprising, right?

Learning & development programs are the key to retaining your team’s best talent. If employees do not feel treasured, they’ll run for the hills. Why waste one’s time (50+ hours per week according to the average American work schedule) in a burnout-inducing environment?

HR Uncubed has you covered. Everwise will revolutionize your team’s L& D practices. With the end goal of retaining employees (and keeping them happy!), Chris Fleming, Director of People Operations, will break down Everwise’s successful professional development approach and share prescriptive solutions to common L& D issues.

Breaking news: The chief learning experts gave their seal of approval to HR Uncubed! Our conference will provide 12.5 HRCI learning credits to HR leaders looking to enhance their career in 2018.

Happy learning & have a wonderful afternoon,


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