HR Uncubed 2018 Topic Highlight: The Secret to Technical Recruiting (with help from Peloton)

March 27, 2018 By admin

Who doesn’t love a good secret? In the world of tech, one secret that we’re all dying to know is how to find the best candidates for technical recruiting roles. Whether it’s a Product Manager position or Senior Software Engineer, it’s always tough to find the best folks that match a team’s culture and projects.

Wouldn’t it be great if technical recruiting pros revealed their secrets? Will Blaze, Senior Technical Recruiter at Peloton, has mastered recruiting at a fast-moving (forgive my awful cycling pun), high-growth company. In only 2 years, Will has scaled the engineering team 4x to more than 80 engineers. His work at Birchbox and other staffing talent organizations has made him an expert at understanding technology, people, and workplace culture.

HR Uncubed will feature Will’s tips on recruiting in his interactive session, “Pareto’s Law and Recruiting”.

Tip #1:  
Recruiting for technical roles does not have to mean maximum efforts and unpredictable results. To minimize frustration, concentrate on the 20% of your talent acquisition strategies that lead to the most successful new hires. After identifying that 20% quotient, focus on those strategies and give them your all. As Kant prophetically implied in his theory on good will, do what is good and good will follow. Then put aside the 80% of your efforts that have been driving you crazy!

Wondering what the other tips on technical recruiting are? Come to HR Uncubed! SoundCloud, Switchyard.works, Verizon, and Memorial Sloan Kettering joined, and we can’t wait to have them there.

Now, let me share a secret with you…

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