HR Uncubed 2019: What We Learned And What’s Next

July 1, 2019 By Conor Armor

Sure, HR Uncubed (or Hyre Fest) 2019’s theme drew some inspiration from the notoriously catastrophic music festival Fyre Fest. But unlike Fyre Fest, our annual employer branding conference for people and talent professionals actually happened as planned — and went swimmingly.

(No, nobody actually went for a swim. That’s not encouraged in the East River, as it turns out.)

If you missed the conference — or found yourself too enamored with all that tropical decor to notice everything else that was going on — we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of the standout moments from two days of deep dives into employer branding and recruitment strategies.

Uber’s Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Bo Young Lee kicked off the festivities with a keynote highlighting actions companies can take to address D&I shortcomings. Said one attendee: “Bo’s emphasis on how a company like Uber improved their reputation, re-built a company and built an improved workplace provided me with some actionable considerations on how I could build out my company and office.”

Alice’s Eleni Cotsis offered insights on building and scaling a remote workforce that’ll stick together long-term.

Verizon Media’s Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion Ramcess Jean-Louis offered his perspective on how employee resource groups can supercharge a D&I effort.

EquityZen VP of People Operations Linda Paul shared her own job search experience, discussing the empathy she gained for candidates, and highlighted the lessons she learned that we can all use to provide better a candidate experience. [In our opinion: a careers page overhaul may be a good place to start. Here are some great examples of careers pages from top employer brands.]

Airbnb Talent Manager Anna Frenkel broke down the importance of using marketing techniques in recruitment, garnering feedback that described the talk as “informative, creative, and genuine.” [And if you want to know about how employer branding can power your recruitment efforts, we’ve got you covered.]

And finally, Uncubed’s own Chief Creative Officer Tarek Pertew outlined the power of employer branding video, and provided guidelines for how talent teams of any size and budget can get started. [We might suggest getting started by reading our rundown of top employer branding video examples.]

Of course, these half-dozen talks barely scratch the surface of all the employer branding and recruitment insights we gained over those two days in tropical Industry City, Brooklyn. If you attended HR Uncubed 2019, you know. If you didn’t… we’ll just have to see you next year. Bring a swimsuit.

(Can’t wait a year? Well, we’ve got a consolation prize. Here’s an exhaustive guide to employer branding that ought to tide you over.)


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