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May 23, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

2 amazing HR events for the price of 1.5

Where to start.

I just spent nearly 2 hours sitting with one of our keynote speakers, Michael Parrish Dudell, on the ongoing evolution of his new behavioral science. I simply cannot wait for you all to see this at HR Uncubed next month.

In short, we all operate day to day through a very intimate lens that applies only to us. This lens is made up of our NEEDS, WANTS, DESIRES and FEARS. This “lens quadrant” predicts and explains our every behavior. And once I know your quadrant lens, I’ll know how to manage you effectively. Let me attempt an example:

Perhaps you’ve been married and divorced 5 times. You don’t know why, exactly, but you find yourself in this scenario repeatedly. After coming to HR Uncubed and hearing MPD’s presentation (see what I did there?), you discover that the “WANT” that drives so much of your behavior is “liberation,” but the DESIRE you long the most for is “belonging.” You see, your own quadrant is in conflict, since your desire to be part of a meaningful relationship conflicts with the more powerful “WANT” to liberate yourself from it!

My quadrant includes Command (Need), Equity (Want), Mastery (Desire), Subservience (Fear). You’ve probably seen this play out in my own writing. My daughter’s NEED? Authority 🤦. What’s yours? There’s only one way to find out (enter code “CheeseSandwich” and see what happens).

Prefer a shortcut to the above? Then give this website your first name and birthdate and learn everything there is to know about yourself.

Eat this: I’ve taken many of my meetings this week commuting in between other meetings. I’ve missed lunch pretty much every day. So I snuck into Trader Joe’s this afternoon, and let me tell you, this new snack is worth the trip!

Try this: I had a meeting with a friend (and executive coach, for those looking) at Two Hands yesterday. I’ve been off coffee since September of last year, so I find myself trying quite a few new things. This time, the Mushroom Latte.

Don’t eat this (anymore): A couple of weeks ago I was bullish on Burger King’s adoption of the meatless Impossible Burger. Well, the critical thinkers out there may have been skeptical of my bullishness. Turns out, for good reason. The thing just might cause cancer.

Drop what you’re doing for a week and attend these: Did you know that Greenhouse Open & HR Uncubed teamed up for an HR Week of sorts here in NY? HR Uncubed is June 10-11 and Greenhouse Open is June 12-13. And if you buy a ticket to HR Uncubed, you get 50% off your ticket to Greenhouse Open and vice versa (the code will be in your confirmation email).

Read this: In case you needed yet another reason to hire people that come from a modest upbringing, a recent study suggests that those with a higher class upbringing confidently express their ideas and opinions even when they lack accurate knowledge. Working class folks, on the other hand, value humility and authenticity. Check it out (ignore the totally unrelated video at the top).

Attend these: Our friends at Post’d put on some really great HR events. Check out this one on family planning benefits or this on managing stress & building resiliency in the workplace.

Watch this: Powerful tactics in Recruitment Marketing (Thanks, Hung Lee). This is a great primer for the deep dives on this subject at HR Uncubed.

Upgrade your resume: Check out this nifty tool to spruce up your dusty old resume or this tool to make it beautifully responsive.

Have a great weekend,


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