Hyre Fest is real + Hiring with heart + Office romances

March 21, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

Also, what's a Florida man done this time?

This morning, over coffee and croissant breakfast sandwiches (or avocado toast in my case), we shared a wonderful dialog on employee engagement at today’s HR Breakfast.

We kicked it off with a discussion on how to make remote work work. It evolved into a nice interactive conversation around the types of strategies that can be used to keep employees informed (like internal newsletters), get to know each other better (onboarding Q&As), and motivate executives to get more involved (waterboarding).

We wrapped up with a very nice chat about just how huge the opportunity is for companies to do a better job getting to know their employees at a deeper level. I’m now motivated more than ever to design a useful workshop around this at HR Uncubed. Will report back.

A little too related? If you’re thinking about getting to know your coworkers better, maybe you should first learn the psychology of why you fall in love with your colleagues.

Somewhat related (speaker/event): – The one and only Tina Roth Eisenberg, Swiss Miss herself, will be breaking down her “Hiring with Heart” process at HR Uncubed. Cannot freakin’ wait for this one.

In somewhat related, horrifying news: In the event your LinkedIn feed wasn’t littered with posts of orange squares, let me be the first to tell you about the Hyre Fest (sound on). What could possibly go wrong?

In funny news – “Florida Man claiming people were “eating his brains” leads police on insane golf course chase”: “What’s this?” you ask. Well it’s all the rage, of course. Just google “Florida Man” followed by your birthday and share the headline, as I did above. At the very least, share yours with me here.

I leave Monday night for Las Vegas to represent Uncubed as the Official Employer Branding sponsor of HR Transform. How fancy is that? OFFICIAL. You’ll be hard done to find a counterfeit employer brand sponsor!

After the event, I’m going to high-tail it out to Joshua Tree. It’s a first for me, so if you have any suggestions, spin them my way.



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