I Got Hired at NYC Uncubed

April 4, 2016 By Jack Krupnik

Meet Nicole, the Head of People Operations at Contently. Not too long ago, however, she was a determined job seeker, heading to NYC Uncubed to find the perfect job. Now, she’s never been happier. Read all about her experience as an attendee turned Contently recruiter at NYC Uncubed.

When you came as an attendee to NYC Uncubed, how did you prepare?

I was optimistic about the event. I studied the impressive list of companies that were going to be there, and knew that if I could get into some good conversations, I’d be able to sell myself as a great fit for their People Operations teams. I looked through the list, then made a sub-list of companies that piqued my interest. I checked their online job pages and knew exactly which ones to approach on the day based on the listing, stated benefits, and articles that had been written about each of their business models or office culture.

How was the day itself?

I initially saw that the line was long and I was worried there would be a lot of talent flooding the pool and competition for time with recruiters would be at a premium. However once I was inside, and through the seamless check-in process, there was lots of space and many options for conversations –then the real fun began. I felt excited and was confident in my approach and what I had to offer. I met up with a friend and we tried the ‘divide and conquer’ approach. We would meet back up every 30 minutes or so and report to each other on the companies and jobs we thought we be a great fit for each of us. Most surprising to me was that it was actually a really fun day!

So what happened at the Contently booth?

I first met with a web developer, who was very friendly, cheery and loved what he did for a job. He spoke highly of Contently as a company and I instantly felt at peace hearing stories of the work environment there. I then spoke to the Head Recruiter about the Head of People Operations role and knew I had found the company I wanted to work for.


How and what was the process after the day?

I reached out to Ian, Contently’s Head Recruiter, that evening and confirmed my excitement and interest in the role. He reached back to me within the next couple of days, and I was in the formal recruitment process. All told, it was three months from Uncubed to accepting an offer. My process fell over the holiday season so it was a bit slower than normal.

And how is it working there now?

I have never been happier! Contently is a perfect fit for me; dedicated, hard working people who love and care about the work they do. Everyone is genuinely friendly and you are given the freedom to succeed, and support is always there when you need it.

What would you recommend for job seekers coming to NYC Uncubed?

Be prepared! Make sure you have done your homework; you need to know about the companies you are talking to. Ask interesting questions and make sure you leave a lasting impression.

What tips would you offer to a potential company hiring at the event?

Reward those who have done their homework, it means they care and are interested in what you have to offer. Send staff who can speak about the role they have and why they like working at the company. This will go further than just sending your recruitment team.

Hire and get hired at NYC Uncubed!


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