Interesting hiring stats + Perks + NYC HR & Talent jobs & an event

May 31, 2018 By Tarek Pertew

Hi folks,

I hope your shorter week was an enjoyable one.

In terrible news, Liverpool lost to Real Madrid in the Champion’s League Final, where this year’s most talked about player, Mo Salah, the other King of Egypt (me being the first, of course) suffered the exact same shoulder injury I just recovered from. What are the odds?

I’m almost at 100%, btw, thanks to the wonderful folks at Hudson Wellness. Here’s my last day of PT, taken by a fellow injured footy player.

In semi-related news, if you’re into quirky perks and you’re planning to host many an 8am World Cup breakfast viewing at your office, please send the invite directly to [email protected] I’ll be there.

In even more soccer news, I’m counting on you to join Uncubed for Bring Your Kit to Work Day on June 14th.

In non-soccer related news, here are some interesting stats around hiring:

  • The private sector added 178K nonfarm jobs in May. Most within medium-size businesses having 50-499 employees.
  • According to Moody’s “businesses are unable to fill a record number of open positions.”
  • Wage growth is accelerating, especially for new entrants and job-changers.
  • “Finding workers is increasingly becoming businesses number one problem.”

That pretty much sums it up, but you can read the rest in this WSJ article.

Don’t forget: Update Your Sick Leave Policy.

Attend: My pal John Coghlan from GrubHub tipped me off to a People & Talent event hosted by Bowery Capital next Thursday. Tickets to their half-day summitare only $20. I plan on attending.

Attend: Learn about the implications of AI in HR hosted by Hacking HR Forum on 6/14.

Watch: I should have shared this earlier, but Taylor (our head of video) whipped up an excellent recap with nice tunes of the HR Uncubed conference.

Consider: Back to perks. I’m sure many of your employees travel. This tool I spotted on Product Hunt helps make it easier. Plus, your company looks great for it.

Good day to you.


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  • Tech Recruiter (NYC) – Gemini
  • Recruiting Contractor – Product/Tech (NYC) Product/Tech) – Peloton (free spin & running classes. Related, be sure to check out this video of how they built their treadmill )
  • People & Culture Manager (NYC) – Canvs
  • Executive Assistant (NYC) – IEX Group (I’m excited to be visiting Kate and her team at these offices soon)
  • 7 HR & Recruiting Jobs (NYC) – Gray Scalable
  • Manager, Talent Acquisition (NYC) – Ladders



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