Burn, bland job posts, burn.

Job Listings Don’t Have To Suck. These Ones Prove It.

January 15, 2015 By Jack Krupnik

Far too many job postings take the same, tired approach: small text, bullet points, drool-inducing blandness. We’re constantly on the prowl for new and exciting jobs for our Wakefield readers, but it’s hard to know if a job is really all that new or exciting if the posting itself is anything but.

That said, there are some gems out there, so here are a handful of postings we’ve found that break the mold and engage the jobseeker.

Level With The Reader
“I’ve always been put off by job posts written in the third person,” reads the first line of Bounce Exchange’s Javascript developer listing. “We don’t talk like that in the office so I’ll skip the corporate speak here.” The whole listing feels like what a hiring manager would tell an applicant in an actual conversation, and that kind of personal touch goes a long way.

Contently takes a similar approach in their sales strategist posting, with copy that reads like a water-cooler sermon: “Sales people have become attendants instead of sellers. They’ve forgotten how to sell because they’ve forgotten how to reach out in earnest.” If the reader agrees, chances are they’ll be drawn to Contently (and chances are, Contently will be drawn to them.)

Take Them To That Special Place
Who wouldn’t want to keep reading a job posting that quotes Willy Wonka? That’s what FiscalNote did for their front-end engineer gig. Similarly, Timehop’s prompt to “imagine a job where you are responsible for designing the Flux Capacitor” is sure to excite Back to the Future fans (then again, who isn’t Back to the Future fan?) More importantly, the reference leads into an exhilarating company description: “…Your work enables millions of people to remember their best, worst, exceptional, and mundane moments that add up to make them who they are and the world the way it is. Welcome to Timehop. We do this everyday.”

Get To The Point 
Elevator pitches apply to job postings, too. If a reader can’t immediately figure out what the job entails, you’ll probably lose them pretty quick. Charity:water’s program finance manager post prominently displays a single-sentence description of the gig.  WunWun’s frontend engineer listing also starts with a to-the-point one-liner: “WunWun’s frontend engineers are JavaScript professionals.”


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