Why We’re Launching the Education Uncubed Conference

March 1, 2014 By Chris Johnson

For the past few years, we’ve been talking to universities about startups. Mostly this has been to let them know about upcoming Uncubed conferences, so their startup-inclined students can attend – or to let them know about startup-focused content we’ve created.

If there’s one major conclusion that’s come from these conversations, it’s this: almost every school is trying to figure out its startup strategy.

Startups hold humongous appeal to students. And the appeal would be even larger if students had more access, more relevant skills, and more support from their schools.

But little has been established in terms of best practices on how to get more of them placed at startups. Do we need an accelerator? (Or even, what’s an accelerator?) Do we need a Head of Entrepreneurship position? What skills do we need to equip students with? And, finally, how do we find these startups? These are real questions for universities.

Education Uncubed is the first national conference built to help universities excel at getting students into startups.

In the span of three days starting July 16th, we’ll hear mind-boggling tales from startup founders, understand what’s working and what isn’t at schools, and discuss how startups aren’t just for founders-in-the-making (most students should actually consider working at a startup, never mind if they’re interested or capable of launching one).

Tickets can be had here.


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