Let’s Talk about Ethics at Work

June 19, 2018 By admin

Here at Uncubed, we’re passionate about a lot of things (soccervideos,coffee, and tech trends). However, we also get excited about debating ethics in the workplace.

If you remember your collegiate philosophy classes, ethics is a complicated, vast ecosystem of morals and laws related to human behavior. In the world of HR, we’re forced to make daily decisions that test our personal code of ethics. 

Mull over this week’s thought-provoking reads.

  • The European Commission selects its architects to determine the future of ethical AI: Artificial intelligence and ethics are two terms that are finding difficulty co-existing. The EC recently announced the 52 professionals that will decide how to wield this technology with consideration for its effects upon humans.
  • How to tell the difference between a minor indiscretion and a crime: Carina Chocano delivers a stinging rebuke on our society’s hypocrisy towards workplace behavior. In today’s social climate, labeling actions as improper is commonplace. However, we should be thinking more carefully about the proper punishment…to provide healing for a victim and rehabilitation for an offender.
  • The ethics of digital privacy: In an era of oversharing and open information, it’s easy to forget that we have rights. Now more than ever, it’s key to be conscious of the data we’re releasing.
  • Google colleagues voice concerns about support for minorities in the workplace: When creating increasingly diverse teams, there’s also the arrival of another responsibility: active inclusion and protection of those same individuals. Although an attempt to remedy Google’s cultural flaws failed, it became a prime moment to discuss previously undisclosed complaints about discrimination. 
  • Let’s build trust into the user experience: Video time! Trust is the foundation of an ethical relationship between a product and user. Listen to Quartet break down how to create an user experience that’s beneficial for all.
Phew, heavy subject matter. On a lighter note, happy summer solstice and cheers to making good decisions, with ethics in mind!


P.S. News Flash: Unfortunately, many workplaces have not evolved into bastions of safety and protection for pregnant employees. There are the blatant injustices (inadequate parental leave periods and firings of women before their due date) but this expose touches upon subtle bias too. We need to be mindful of how we treat women, especially in a moment that is meant to be a wonderful time in their lives.




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