More mass layoffs & an event to hire those affected + The Best Employer Branding KPIS + Tattoos are killing you

January 30, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Plus an employer branding video from NBC & loads of HR jobs.

Hi friends,

Welcome to the 85 of you who RSVP’d (and the 50 who attended) this morning’s HR Breakfast. It was the most interactive breakfast I can recall. Probably because Chris facilitated and he actually lets other people speak!

For those of you who said you were hiring for HR roles, you can feature your HR role here (or hire us to connect you with folks we think are the best fit. Just hit reply for deets).


I’m officially back from Brazil. You know you’re back in NYC when a kid is cursing at the person working the subway booth and, simultaneously, a commuter gets unreasonably annoyed at having to wait for a confused person to enter the turnstyle.

What’s not to love!? (Deniz, welcome to NYC).

WATCH THiS (INSPIRATION):  In relation to this mornings breakfast on Employer Branding, a number of folks that filled out the RSVP form claimed a challenge was brand perception and diversity hiring. Perhaps you can take some inspiration from this video we made on Tech at NBC (90 seconds).

READ THESE (RELATED – INSPIRATION): The content marketing team here at Uncubed whipped up a killer article on The Best Employer Branding KPIs to Measure Your Progress. This is a must read, if you ask me.

READ THESE (BAD NEWS): In actual HR news, layoffs are here: WalmartCompassZume, GetAround, OYOSimpleBot23andMe, Mozilla3MLyft. I’ll stop there.

EVENT (GOOD NEWS + VERY RELATED):  Which leads me to this: on February 20th, we are hosting our next Soft Landing event, which invites candidates affected by layoffs to meet directly with hiring companies.

  • Want in? Email me.
  • Going through a layoff or know someone who is (including folks at the above companies)? Email me and we’ll help.

HIRING CONTENT CREATORS? UNCUBED NEWS: As many of you know, we acquired Mediabistro last year to expand our customer & candidate base to the media & content world.

If you’re hiring content creators (social media, video, editorial, marketing, etc.) then you’ll wanna get in on this 50% off a job post, which expires tomorrow. The quality is excellent (we recently hired the newest member of our Uncubed Studios team this way).

Visit here and use code START2020 for 50% off.

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CONSIDER THIS (ALWAYS UNRELATED): Got tattoos? Thinking of getting one? Turns out you may be doing real damage to yourself. (It’s given me pause).

Bye for now,





  • Associate Recruiter (NYC) – Progyny
  • Sr. Tech Recruiter (NYC) – Better.com
  • People Ops Manager (NYC) – CB Insights

VP & Above HR Jobs:

  • Director, Employee Engagement (London) – Trainline
  • VP, People (SF / Portland) – Kiva
  • VP, People (SF) – Calm
  • Director of People (SF) – Allbirds

Senior | Director Level & Below HR Jobs:

  • HR Partner EMEA (Dublin) – Twilio
  • People/HR Partner (London) – Decibel Insight
  • HR Intern (Palo Alto) – AppLovin
  • Employee Comms Manager, HR Programs (Foster City, CA) – Visa
  • Director, Employee Comms & Experience, Peacock (NYC) – NBC
  • Workplace Ops Manager (Remote) – GitHub
  • L&D Partner (London) – Monzo

Companies with multiple HR Jobs:

Uncubed | Make Work Human


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