Must follow instagram account + Creative job ads + Making peace with remote work + Discussing race in the workplace + New laws make hiring harder

October 15, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Plus, a way to decompress on real grass (or your help fixing fake grass)...

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Thanks to those of you who sent thoughtful replies to last week’s email. it was deeper than I normally go and the positive reinforcement is what helps keep me going!

I failed to gather more feedback via the poll, however, as I got the syntax wrong. So, I’m duping it this week (which means you’ll need to read last week’s email, if you didn’t already (and you want to partake in the poll)).

In life news, this weekend is our COVID-rules Footy Fest upstate. The Footy Fest back in 2018 was the start of what has now resulted in my new farm-life up in Bovina. And last year, it was also the place I had my upper lip split in half from a bicycle kick gone wrong (warning: not for the squeamish).

What might this year bring!?

If all this soccer talk has you thinking “heck, maybe I’ll give this a shot,” then rally some activity-starved team members and join me next weekend at the Governor’s Cup on Governors Island.

Why do I keep referencing sport in this email? Well, for me, the parallels with team dynamics are simply too real. Just watch The Playbook on Netflix, where coaches share secrets to building successful teams. I promise you’ll have a fair share of useful takeaways.

Freebie: Before we get to the poll, we have a Post-Prime Day special (jk) on our newest offering (Finalist) for anyone hiring for full time or internship roles in engineering or data science. Finalist curates, vets and delivers candidates to your dashboard. When you approve any of these candidates to interview, you redeem pre-purchased credits. This month, we’re offering a 10 credit free trial (no commitment or credit card required).

If interested, hit reply!

Let’s head to the poll.

Today’s poll: I broke the poll last week, so, this week, we’re gonna repeat (but it does require reading last week’s email).

THIS WEEK’S POLL: As a reader, donating your time to this email, what do you make of the above last week’s diatribe on communicating?

Keep them coming
For the love of God, stick to the HR script
No opinion

*Please note, your choice is always anonymous. Not even I can see who chooses what.


And onto the weekly reads and watches:

Before singing off, special thanks to Emily Pantofel at MSG and all of you who publicly endorse this newsletter on LInkedIn. You’re appreciated.

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