The new me + Ghosting as a trend + HR Breakfast + More HR events + Leaving your faith

July 11, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

Not for the faint of heart

Hi folks,

Judging by the open rates of my last email 3 weeks ago, I’ll assume that people may have been checking in to see if I was still a thing!

Well, I’m alive and back baby!

Despite actually needing a trip to the Emergency Room (warning – video not for the squeamish), the truth is that I was on vacation two weeks ago and went dark last week on account of July 4th.

Despite skipping the past two weeks, I’m officially back in your inbox on a Thursday in mid-July. 👋👋

And I have come back to the viral sensation of the summer. Have you ever witnessed such explosive customer uptake for a product as we are witnessing with these Revel scooters. That scratch found its itch, amirite?

Also, R.I.P. Ross Perot.

So, what’s happening in the world of HR?

What went down at HRU? Last month’s HR Uncubed event was a collection of single-presenter talks designed to bring your employer branding fluency to the next level. We know many of you couldn’t make it, so take a peek at this quick recap (or just watch the video). That should leave you wanting…which brings me to the next item on our list:

Event: We’re back with a July HR Breakfast in partnership with our friends at KettleSpace.The topic this time around is “my biggest employer branding challenges”. We’ll be trading secrets and advice to help you step up your employer branding portfolio. Spots limited. RSVP now.

Event: Our friends at Post’d are bringing you more great events. You may been at their Gender Pay Gap breakfast this morning, but in case you missed it, join them in SF for leading benefits for scaling organizations or next month for Financial Wellness on a Rooftop here in NYC.Frankenstein: I’m not sure what we created or how we created it, but ghosting (not showing up for work after accepting an offer) is so common nowadays that it’s being normalized. In short, many candidates don’t see anything wrong with it. The problem, as suggested in this thread, might be an inhuman hiring process.

Make work human, people. That’s our mission. Def dig in.

In non-HR news: A friend whose life has had a number of tragic turns (one of which lead to this now dormant project I worked on), has just published her memoir about leaving the Jehovah’s Witness. It’s called, well, Leaving the Witness. You can hear her interview with NPR’s Terry Gross here.

Bye for now,


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