New on Uncubed: Make Programmatic AWS Backups (with Mediamorph)

April 24, 2015 By Chris Johnson

One of the great values of Uncubed is picking up tips & techniques from other startups. Whether you’re trying to solve a problem at your company or simply picking up a new skill, going straight to the office of high growth company is a unique way to learn.

In a new course just added, Mediamorph developer Yosef Berman shows you how to create a programmatic, rolling backup on Amazon Web Services, relieving yourself of the need to do manual backups (and allowing for more granular and current backups).

Not having found something sufficient to meet his needs online, Berman wrote his own script in Python – using a crontab and an AWS boto* library. In this class, you’ll actually look over his shoulder at the terminal and watch him build the script line by line.

Berman covers setting up the AWS backups, and how to manage the lifespan of your backup chronology – an important step, so you don’t ring up massive charges for storage on S3 (which will, of course, irk the accountants).

Check out this short class right here.

A New York startup, Mediamorph helps media and entertainment companies manage contracts, rights, and title avails, track content performance, and calculate royalties. All major Hollywood studios, leading television networks and the largest video service operators use Mediamorph.

* Know what a real “boto” is? It’s an Amazon river dolphin. And it’s often carnation pink in color. How about that?


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