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January 14, 2021 By Tarek Pertew

Plus, the LinkedIn Post of the week....


I’m not going to provide useful commentary to the state of the country at the moment. It’s extraordinary and yet, it also feels somewhat predictable. I just pray it doesn’t lead to humanity-destroying events where, decades from now, the history books will report that “the signs were there”.

Instead, I’ll just dive into the world of work.

To start, a professional shift for me. One of the major changes for me in 2021 is shifting the majority of my focus to oversee Uncubed Studios and continuing to expand our offerings and footprint as creators of the greatest career content on the web (in fairness, the bar isn’t particularly high). In short, helping companies market themselves to candidates like never before and spur the type of employee engagement that leads to a more collaborative workforce.

Part of that transition was informed by the unexpected reality that our studio is busier now than ever before. We attribute much of this to employers looking to find new ways to engage talent, when they can’t invite them to the office, meet them at events, etc.

During presentations of the studios capabilities, the most frequent concern we get is that, without an office, we can’t show our story. Questions like:

  • How can our studio actually showcase a company’s true narrative without an office? How can we capture collaboration? Tap into the company culture? Shouldn’t we wait until we’re back in our office?

But your office is not your key selling point. Hopefully it never was (if it was, then the road ahead ain’t gonna be pretty!)

An office isn’t what makes a company tick. It’s not how a company solves meaningful problems. It’s now how a company defines its values. It’s not even how a company communicates. It can influence all of these things, but it can’t define them.Treating it as if it’s the key to unlocking those stories is a mistake. 

Instead, challenge yourself to answer these sorts of questions:

In a world without an office,

  • What are the best, most engaging ways to showcase our culture? Our vision?
  • What are creative ways we use video to showcase how our team collaborates?
  • How can we creatively share the problems we are solving?
  • What channels can we use to communicate to the world that we live our values?

The good news is that there are so many creative ways to solve for all of the above. And they don’t require having an office.

User generated content (UGC) is playing a larger and larger role in authentic video messaging. Luckily for talent marketers, this trend is accelerating and it’s pretty cost effective.

Anyway, time for a dance break?


Last week, the vast majority of you said you’d choose “itch” to replace “scratch”. I, too, am in that bucket. Let’s wait and see. Oh, and only 5 of you chose the answer “I’m unsubscribing” but just 4 actually unsubscribed. Which means at least one of those 5 has a sense of humor I can appreciate.

When you think about investing in video for your employer brand, what number comes to your head as the budget you’d need in order to make one capstone video that headlines your career page, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.?

iPhone and $1,000
Roughly $10,000
 Roughly $25,000
 Roughly $50,000
Roughly $100,000
More than $100,000

*Unfortunately for me (on this particular question), I can’t actually tell who choses what here.Your answers are anonymized .


Below are weekly reads, watches, and/or listens:

  • READ THIS (SOCIAL IMPACT):  As Uncubed heads into Q1 and collectively selects our next social good partner, we want to introduce you to our 2020 Q4 partner, Color of Change, if you aren’t yet familiar. Color of Change is the nation’s largest online racial justice organization and one we strongly encourage your team support in your own social good efforts.
  • READ THIS (HIRE A MARKETER):  I’ll keep beating this drum and since there are no great articles about it, we’ll probably have to write one ourselves. In the meantime, this 4 year old article makes a strong case for hiring a marketer onto your HR team.
  • FEATURED JOB (SPONSORED): This week, I want to call attention to Aura and their Head of Talent Acquisition role. We’re close friends with the founders, we’ve shared office with the team and we can vouch for the longevity of their workforce, flexibility of their work environment, humor of their leadership and spectacular growth of their digital picture frame business.
  • JUST A TIP (CAREER PAGE): Friends, if your career page hasn’t changed at all since February of 2020, then you are probably confusing the heck out of candidates. If your page talks about team outings, work events, a beautiful office, team lunches, etc. then consider adding adding a “paused until further notice” addendum. Just a tip.
  • ALWAYS UNRELATED (WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS):  If you want a very interesting listen on the future of music, directly from musicians, in a post-COVID world, then listen to this amazing podcast episode.

Before I sign off, I’m going to share my favorite LinkedIn post of the week. You love to see that. Lucky for everyone, they’re hiring.

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