The New Uncubed.com

February 2, 2016 By Jack Krupnik

It’s been an amazing 3 years of cultivating the large, diverse, and quirky audience that we now know and love as the Uncubed community.

From students, to job­seekers, to career transitioners, to startup enthusiasts, and beyond, we’ve worked to deliver an extraordinary group of individuals the experiences and daily content they’ll need to succeed in digital.

Now up?

Uncubed’s first product. The future and focal point of our business that is Uncubed (yes, we made it that easy for you…after all this product was created with you at the forefront of our minds). It’s the one and only destination for learning digital skills straight from the desks of startup leaders…at your easiest convenience.

Whether it’s Saturday and you’re viewing straight from the couch or you’re on the scene of a job and could use a helpful tip in email marketing, these videos are a personal (and growing) tool kit.

So let’s backtrack for a quick sec – we know we just threw a lot at you there.

Uncubed is now a platform for learning the skills you need to succeed in digital. And as for those wild events and hilarious issues of Wakefield*? Oh they’re not going anywhere. They are all a part of the mission brewing up in the Chinatown offices of Uncubed.

Take a look inside the new Uncubed here and let us know what you think (there’s a person behind [email protected] … and she could be your best friend).

*In September of 2016 we re-named (and re-branded) Wakefield as Uncubed Daily.


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