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NPower Partners Up With NYC Uncubed

November 11, 2016 By Jack Krupnik

We are incredibly excited that we had the opportunity to partner with NPower for our Fall 2016 NYC Uncubed conference. NPower’s mission is “to mobilize the tech community and provide individuals, nonprofits, and schools with opportunities to build tech skills and achieve their potential.”

NPower has implemented two incredible programs to foster this mission: Technology Service Corps which offers free technology and professional skills training programs for underserved young adults and veterans and The Community Corps, a volunteer program where members work closely with schools and nonprofits to teach their communities to “use technology more effectively and inspire the next generation of STEM professionals”.

The 25 NPower students who attended Uncubed were on the cusp of completing an 8-week technical training program focused on Enterprise Service Management. Upon graduation they will have ITL Foundation and ServiceNow administration certifications – ready to begin exciting career journeys.

The goal of Uncubed has always been to introduce talented individuals to innovative, hiring companies, so the chance to bring NPower members to our premier event was especially gratifying.

If you want to connect with NPower for hiring opportunities or you’re interested in learning how to support their amazing mission, get in touch with their team here.

And we can’t help but include some of the amazing feedback from the NPower students. Have a look.

Thank you for hosting a captivating full day of job fair related events on Oct 18th. I thoroughly enjoyed the roster of top guest speaker sessions which covered a variety of different industries and technology disciplines. As a current student at the Npower Tech Career Accelerator program preparing for a technology career, the opportunity to further discuss and network with accomplished peers in the industry and learn about opportunities in this space directly with hiring firms at your event was invaluable to me. I look forward to learning more about the Uncubed organization and stay in tuned with your upcoming events.”

Thank you for the opportunity to attend your job fair. It was a pleasure, especially for those of us trying to enter the workforce. It presented us with a way to not only meet with companies directly, but also to interact with their staff and gain a better understanding of the things we won’t normally experience from applying online or through a recruiter – like the companies’ culture and the staff’s temperament.”

Thank you for giving me a chance to visit the NYC’s Annual Digital Skills & Jobs Conference. This event has helped me build my networks with many companies and provided me a chance of landing a front-end developer or a database administrator job that will build on my past experience. In addition, I got to learn about the demands of my current skill set in the technology industry.”

Thank you for the opportunity afforded to me in participating at the NYC Uncubed job fair. It was indeed a fantastic atmosphere. The early morning sessions with the speakers were very educating and even gave insight as to how and who to approach during the job exhibition. I appreciate the opportunity to have been able to connect with recruiters from various companies to discuss potential opportunities.”


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