NYC Uncubed and the Growth of New York Tech

May 22, 2015 By Chris Johnson

As you may have read (or even heard us say it, if you attended), this month’s NYC Uncubed was our biggest conference ever.

It was our 23rd event of its kind, and we set a few Uncubed records. Most companies. Most attendees. Best content (this one’s subjective, but we think it tops the list).

We’ve grown as a company since the early days of 2012. We’re now a team of 16 with an actual office. But what’s more striking is how the growth of the conference reflects the the expansion of the New York City startup and tech ecosystem.

We had nearly 100 companies this time around.

The companies at the first NYC Uncubed events were ragtag in comparison. Some startups had 10 or 20 people, and a few had 50+, but most were just getting going.

At that point, startups and the tech sector were looked at as a possible contributor to NYC’s economic contributor. Now, the tech sector is viewed at as a primary engine of growth (as a pretty good indicator, tech assumed more new office space in 2014 than any sector other than finance) and these companies have grown up.

buzzfeed nyc uncubed startup job fair

Buzzfeed is nearing 1000 employees. OnDeck is now a public company. Companies like Oscar and Greenhouse didn’t even exist in the early days of the Uncubed conference; Oscar was recently valued at $1.5 billion and Greenhouse is doubling their staff of 70+ by year end. Spring is just two years old and is hiring as fast as possible after recently raising $25 million.

oscar nyc uncubed startup jobs

Contently, who sub-leased Uncubed a corner of their office to us in late 2012 when they were a team of 14, is approaching 80 employees. And Rent the Runway has now raised more than $100 million in capital. And then you have the companies – like Harvest – that have grown great brands, and their teams, away from the venture capital and hyper-growth headlines.

contently at NYC Uncubed

The list goes on.

The point is that a landscape that was once dotted with fledgling companies is now home to a large swath of companies that have achieved real scale and real leadership in their markets. It’s been exciting for us to play a role in the growth of this community. Our conferences and content have driven hires for hundreds of high-growth companies and have generated brand awareness for many more.

Every time we hold another event in New York, we’re reminded about how far we’ve come. And we’re looking forward to fall.

In the meantime, you can connect with some of these same companies and others on our shiny, new online learning platform here.


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