Pain in my neck + body language tips + employer brand perception + a remote work guide for the Slack generation

September 5, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

And, of course, defending drunk pilots...

Yesterday, I returned from Egypt after spending 15 hours on an airplane. We took Russia’s Aeroflot for our return flight and, despite the strange looks of disapproval we received from folks that don’t know any better (and the borderline hilarious defense to a drunk pilot), it was one of the best overall flight experiences we’ve had. Great food. Great service. Give it a shot.

The negative side of flying for that long (in economy) is the body contortions required to sleep. And, after many an invented yoga pose, I apparently compromised my neck so much so that it went into a painful spasm by simply drying my hair last night. I required an emergency trip to the acupuncturist this morning to literally straighten me out.

So, that’s where I’m at.

In top-of-mind news (in particular, tennis & Egypt), you should know that Egypt once had a celebrated tennis player. He won Juniors at Wimbledon in 1964. He’s also my uncle. And I probably throw that little fact out there too liberally at times:

  • Anyone: “Nice to meet you, Tarek.”
  • Tarek: “My uncle won the Juniors at Wimbledon in 1964.”

Speaking of human interactions, this week I have some resources to help keep your team engaged, happy and stress free.

Watch this: For starters, entertain yourself with this viral video from an ex FBI agent on reading body language.Then, identify one single upcoming encounter where you can leverage this intel.

Refer to this: We know remote work isn’t going away. And neither are the resources that come pouring over my desk each week. This time, a remote work guide for the Slack generation. A download with tips, best practices and advice from industry experts.

Read this (related): Staples is getting into the content game with their Worklife magazine. Here’s a quick read  on fun ways to keep the sense of community alive with a remote organization.

Listen to this: Our friends at EmployeeCycle have released their latest pod. This time on helping employees deal with financial stress.

Employer branding read, watch & attend: During our employer branding themed HR Breakfast in July, we dug into the challenges of dealing with outdated or inaccurate brand perception (you can read about it in our event recap). One solution is video, so here’s a list of some fun employer branding videos to give you inspiration.

At our next breakfast, we’ll dive into different challenges and I’ll help by kicking it off with a discussion on developing an authentic and powerful EVP. So, RSVP for our September HR Breakfast series, and join the conversation.

Meet you back here, next week.


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