Politics + Work: A Frightful Mix

October 24, 2018 By admin

Election Day is just around the corner. Halloween less than a week away.  That doesn’t mean politics (or frightening behavior) has stayed out of the limelight.
Business executives are reacting to political controversies in new ways. Their decisions about their political views, biases, and personal endorsements now carry significant weight in their corporate spheres too. Conversations at work no longer gloss over current events and political tensions. Brands are becoming even MORE politically defined (wait, is that even possible?)
What does all of this mean? We’re in for a frighteningly interesting end of 2018. Take a spin through these reads.
This week’s selection:
  •  Conference loses support after the Saudi government’s alleged involvement in a journalist’s death:   The Future Investment Initiative Summit, sponsored by the royal contingency in Saudi Arabia, got caught in a political firestorm this week after the government’s possible connection with the death of a prominent journalist. Business CEOs and government officials have been pulling out left and right to make a statement on the global stage. The conference, esteemed in the business and tech world, now suffers from a tarnished reputation. Those leaders choosing to attend are facing criticism on all fronts.
  • The workplace no longer a safe place from political discord:  Although political spats, especially the contentious confirmation of Kavanaugh recently, seem relegated to Thanksgiving tables next month, it is likely that these arguments will storm the office break room soon too. Will these political arguments at work merely be uncomfortable chatter at lunch or will they lead to change? In the case of a respondent in this WSJ piece, it positively increased awareness of other colleagues’ personal challenges when it comes to sexual harassment.
  • CEOs diving into the political opinion realm:  Politics are influencing leadership decisions lately, like removing certain products from their offerings.  However, by doing so and creating politically motivated business choices, are executives increasing the divisiveness of American society?
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Hope your Halloween week is full of treats (no tricks)!



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