A possible TMI personal story + must reads on justice & equity + video on human capital output + HR event on race & mindfulness + A great COVID-read

June 18, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Plus some active HR & Talent jobs...

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TLDR:  A very (borderline TMI) personal story, this week’s suggested reading/viewing on justice & equity, must read COVID article, Return to Work, human capital output, event on race & mindfulness, HR & Talent jobs.

This is issue 171, which, for some reason, is a number that Brazilians use to refer to a “sketchy” person.

Today, I’m going to get more personal with you than I ever had before and exposing aspects of my personal life that most people would prefer kept private. But, statistically speaking, hundreds of you reading this will relate, in part, and at least one of you will be over-the-moon grateful that I share this.

Note, this most certainly falls under the category of TMI. But, I regularly share too much information with people, because I’ve found that it very often opens the door for unexpected benefits. So, if it helps one person and drives 100 to unsubscribe, I’ll take that tradeoff.

It’s unrelated to HR, so I’ll do my best to keep it short. If you’d like further details, follow the links at the end.

Here we go:

5 years ago, after my daughter was born, my wife, Thais, received discouraging news there her Pap test came back abnormal. Once a biopsy was done, it came back as CIN1 – low-grade abnormalities. Ultimately, it advanced to CIN2 and finally CIN3, the last stage before cancer. You’ll often hear these levels grouped together as “Cervical Dysplasia” (more info here).

Most doctors ask that you just monitor it until it gets to CIN3, at which point nearly all doctors will strongly encourage you to get what’s called a LEEP. That basically means they remove the bad cells. It also means they remove part of the cervix. It’s not fun and in a large % of cases, dysplasia will return. At Thais’ age, it’s greater than a 33% chance. By sharing TMI, I learned that at least two women on this email list had the LEEP, with some level of regret.

My wife is an Ayurvedic practitioner. Ayurveda is ancient medical practice from India. For easier context, Yoga comes out of Ayurveda. As you might guess, my wife wanted to treat herself holistically, against her doctor’s wishes. In fairness, most doctors have never seen a patient successfully reverse CIN3 to CIN2, let alone clear it. Most also aren’t aware of alternative treatments

To cut to the chase, together we treated it holistically based on the very detailed process outlined best in this book that surfaced on Amazon. The doctor that wrote the book guided us.

This week, my wife’s Pap test came back normal for the first time in 5 years. We’re both beyond grateful that we trusted in Thais’ gut and experience. We are both more than happy to share the process for anyone that may be going through this.

I originally planned on opening this email with my ongoing thoughts on injustice and inequity. Especially since our team has been working together on mechanisms to ensure our anti-racist efforts are sustainable. But, I promised myself that if this treatment worked, I would share it immediately, knowing timing is of the essence for some readers (that’s how prevalent this condition is).

Thank you, seriously, for listening. If you’d like more info, or you know anyone that could use the above intel, please share or send them to my wife, Thais (you can also find her Ayurvedic newsletter there).


  • READ THIS (COVID): There are powerful arguments behind every theory, decision, and opinion on COVID: how it came about, how it’s been handled, and where we should head next. If you find yourself struggling with this, or feel left out of the conversation a bit, then I strongly recommend this extraordinarily in-depth (likely divisive) article (you’ll need to set aside real time).
  • WATCH THIS (INJUSTICE): I watched this 30-minute stand-up (not to be confused with stand-up comedy) from Dave Chapelle. I consider it a must watch. It’s powerful, emotional and, because of Dave’s extraordinary storytelling skill as a comedian, provides greater-than-normal educational value.
  • READ/REVIEW THIS (RELATED): As many of you are actively involved with designing new practices that put substance and action behind the vision for a more diverse workplace, I thought I’d share Fortune’s 2019’s list of most diverse workplaces, as inspiration (to be even better than them).
  • READ THIS (PRODUCTIVITY): I read this Gmail tips article and immediately increased my work-flow. It’s short. Thank you, Zapier.

Happy almost Juneteenth. If ever there should be an official federal holiday, it’s Juneteenth. Uncubed will be taking off tomorrow and all Juneteenth holidays hereafter. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was unfamiliar with the holiday previously. I’m genuinely sorry for being so ignorant. But this motivates me even more to continue my journey as a student of the Black and Brown experience.

As always, thanks for your time, especially those of you who don’t mind my personal narratives/diatribes. Also, this is sent from my actual work email (meaning the one I use daily). You can always reach me by hitting “reply”.

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