Reading a Resume the Right Way

May 31, 2018 By admin

Reading a resume quickly is daunting. When a company receives an extraordinary number of applications to review, it is essential to expedite the process as much as possible (and maintain quality).  Read on for advice to help your team sharpen their resume review prowess and increase their efficacy in the search for the best candidates. 


Attention Grabber

Resumes should be evaluated as a well-curated, appealing sales pitch. A resume should grab the attention of its reader within 5-7 seconds. The candidate’s explanation of their experiences should be easy to read and lacking the baggage of ancillary, verbose jargon. Look at the first five words after each bullet point. If you’re automatically interested, this is an indication that this candidate may be an ideal match for the role you’re looking to fill.

Relevant Experience

Assess a candidate’s qualifications carefully. If the candidate has worked in more senior positions previously, there is a risky chance that they will leave your company once they receive a better offer in the upcoming months. The position and communication of a candidate’s experience is crucial. An organized candidate should have intuition as to where to place their information on a resume to improve the experience of the resume reviewer. Details like this demonstrate an analytical, intelligent candidate that knows how to express ideas concisely and deliver salient information.


Red Flags

If a candidate’s resume has multiple spelling errors, formatting issues or grammar mistakes, this is an indication that they probably lack attention to detail. Additionally, if the candidate has failed to include their contact information and professional profiles (LinkedIn, Git Hub et al) in an easily identifiable spot, this is another warning signal that you should pursue other candidates.


These pieces of quick advice should provide assistance to resume reviewers as they aim to evaluate candidates in a quick, efficient, and productive way. 


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