Redemption + an NBA star’s viral post on race + a great employer brand video + a top HR newsletter

April 11, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

And, a terribly sad but necessary dose of perspective...

So it happened. My alma mater, UVA, won the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship. I have no clue what it’s like to go to a school where the sports team(s) win titles (unfortunately, in America, soccer still doesn’t seem to count). And I must say, I don’t feel any sense of added pride being tangentially affiliated with this epic redemption story. Why? Well, because I didn’t watch a single game till the final. I couldn’t (and still can’t) name two players on the team by their full name.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s awfully tempting to post my affiliation with UVA all over social and command the respect and envy of my peers by way of this association (like so many of our collective friends in the Valley when the Warriors starting making moves, amirite?).

But I can’t. Because it isn’t real. For me, there’s only one team. Liverpool FC. #redordead

That said, I’ll happily field your congratulations. I earned it after-all.

Read this: Why you do the things you do: For HR Uncubed, I’m quietly putting together a presentation on “the mechanisms that motivate us”. In short, it’s a presentation to help folks understand just what machinations are at play that informs our (often diabolical) behavior. This week, Seth Godin sums upwhat drives behavior in the modern, privileged world. I mostly agree with this.

Read this: Proceed with caution: Yesterday a friend of mine tweeted about an article in Vulture penned by a father who tragically lost his child. The perspective this piece of writing can bring to your life is very real and I encourage everyone to work their way through it. It’s not easy. I nearly had to leave the office.

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Read this: Understanding privilege: This piece in The Player’s Tribune, written by renowned NBA star, Kyle Korver, speaks quite openly and empathetically about just how difficult it is to be a person of color in our country, even within the employ of an association as well-integrated as the NBA.

Read this: Shared by the community: Remote work has been a big theme in my emails. Partially because we are moving into a fully distributed environment shortly, but also because the trend is so hot right now (so hot right now). Brannon from IEX Trading suggested this thorough guide to remote work, from Zapier and its 200+ person remote workforce.

If you loved that, check out this distributed work playbook from a company whose name rhymes with Stradoogle. (H/T Pointer.io)

Watch This: Check out this sick employer branding video from Peloton.

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And as of today, our good friends at SeatGeek are coming to HR Uncubed to breakdown, step by step, what went into redesigning their amazing career page. Don’t miss it.

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