Remote work treasure chest + diversity-talent hiring + COVID-inspired hobbies & survival tips + Post-COVID workplace

April 9, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Plus, I'm gettin' out of Dodge...

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TLDR: Car buying, fridge delivering, remote work resourcing, diversity-talent hiring, a bit on how COVID has changed our lives, the post-COVID workplace, and tips to survive social-distancing/isolation (like bird-watching).

First off, big shoutout to Kate MacAllister (not related to Kevin McCallister) for her public endorsement of this email. Thanks to you, somewhere between 20-30 new HR folks will have their inbox invaded by yours truly. If you’re one of them and immediately regret the decision, you can always unsubscribe here – but I sure hope you stick around for a bit (note, I often start with some personal stories, if you’d like to skip down a bit).

It’s strange being here in Brooklyn. The peace we are experiencing is extraordinary. The birds, the church bells. It’s all relatively new. The sad reality is the previous chaos hasn’t left. It’s just somewhere else, which we are sadly reminded of by the ever increasing sound of sirens. My heart goes out to those affected so terribly by the circumstances.

In other news, I did finally get around to buying a car. That’s a first for me (thanks to all of you who shared useful tips). Everything was done online up until a tidy fella named Chris drove it down wearing a mask & gloves. He also had the “driver” area covered in plastic. He even brought me a disinfected pen sealed in a ziplock bag to sign the documents. What a time to be alive:

Contrast that with Land Appliance here in Brooklyn, tasked with delivering a new fridge to my physically handicapped, elderly neighbor. His fridge had been broken for 2 weeks when the landlord finally sent a crew of three, unmasked and ungloved, into the home of a significantly at-risk person. I called the appliance company to complain and the response was “I’m sure the old man would take his chances if it meant getting a new fridge”.

No joke.

I’ll be sure to check up on him more often now…

In better news, I’ve taken to bird-spotting as a hobby and now I can’t live without this app.

Okay, okay. Now on to the HR stuff…

DIVERSIFY YOUR TECH TEAM:  As many of you know, Uncubed works closely with the LaGuardia TechHire-OpenCode program in partnership with The Software Guild, Udacity and GA. This program receives a very selective grant from the Department of Labor to increase diversity in tech by offering tech skills training. Graduates of this program are now working at Google, Adobe, BounceX, CapGemini, Infosys, Viacom and the like.

That’s why we are very excited to introduce you to 7 excellent candidates from their recent cohort, including bio, profile and relevant links to learn more and get in touch.

ATTEND THIS (RELATED):  We are moving out our virtual hiring event. A number of companies are still finalizing revised hiring plans, and this gives candidates more time to reorient themselves post-layoff. The good news is we already have 100 great candidates who have applied for the event.

If you’d like to attend or are interested in your own private event, please hit reply or email Dana [at] Uncubed.com. 

READ THIS (CRISIS CONTROL): There’s a lot of good coming out of this pandemic, and revisiting hobbies has certainly been one. Here’s a fun little article on the long lost hobbies people are revisiting.

READ THIS (WORK AFTER CORONA): This article out of India discusses HR opportunities from the Coronavirus, discussing the potential new norm of remote work, saving a % of the nearly $2 Trillion in productivity loss due to the existing at-work environment. Plus, all signs push to a healthier environment as well.

READ THIS (REMOTE WORK TOOLS): Just when I thought you’d be exhausted with remote work tools and resources, they continue to be the most clicked links in this email. So, why not ship you this long list of 300 remote tools, organized by Project Mgmt, Comms & Collaboration, Productivity and Time Mgmt.

READ/LISTEN TO THIS (CRISIS CONTROL): Tips from someone with 50 years of social distancing experience (H/T Hung Lee). Turns out tracking animals is a smart exercise (in case you need another reason to download that bird app I mentioned above).

WHAT’S NEXT (A PERSONAL NOTE): After over 3 weeks of quarantine and recovery from our suspected COVID infection, we’re heading upstate tomorrow to stay with close family for a bit. We’re most excited about our daughter getting a chance to spend time with another child (they have a 4 year old son, her best friend). I recognize the privilege and I promise not to take it for granted.

See you all next week.

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  • VP, People (Brooklyn) – Kickstarter

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  • University Relations Recruiting Specialist (Dallas) – The Marketing Arm
  • Senior Technical Recruiter (SF) – Zipline
  • People Ops Coordinator (SF) – Affirm
  • Manager, People Business Partner (NYC) – Peloton
  • Sr. Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Social Impact (Redwood City) – Zuora
  • People Business Partner (SF) – Braze
  • Compensation & Benefits Analyst (Remote) – Kraken

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