The rise of the CHRO + Employer Branding Webinar & Breakfast + Head of People Feature + Scotland is making people happy + America is killing people

January 15, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Also, have a hobby you wanna make some money on?

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Today I am cutting it close with this week’s email. I have to leave for the airport in an hour to head to a place in Brazil I’ve never been before…Salvador! If you have any tips, please hit reply ASAP!

Featured HR Opportunies for the Week:

HEAD OF PEOPLE: Folks, this one is truly a rare breed. Not only is this a fast growing company that never took institutional funding (a company after my own heart), but better yet, both my co-founder and I are good friends with the CEO. He is genuinely one of my favorite people in the tech world and I would recommend any of my friends to his company.

The company has quietly crept its way to nearly 70 employees and they need some HR expertise. So, they are hiring a Head of People! How fun!

But, like them, you can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty (at least to start). Find out more about what that means, what they’re building and who the founders are by watching this terrible video I put together while sweating my face off at my mother-in-law’s house in Rio.
SENIOR HR MANAGER: Separately, we have a contract Senior HR Manager role to help oversee the initial build out of the US HR & Talent functions of a German-based company you now know so well. It’s at least a 3-month gig helping with all aspects of HR (benefits, systems, onboarding) and talent (recruiting funnels, service providers, etc.).

Interested? Know a perfect fit? Hit reply (or email [email protected] directly).

As always, other opportunities are at the end of this email.

LOOKING FOR A NEW HR GIG? We are prioritizing HR and Talent roles as part of the work we are committing towards placing talent. If you’re interested in a new gig, hit reply or email [email protected] directly.

WEBINAR-EMPLOYER BRANDING: For those of you that enjoyed our Blueboard collab HR Breakfast where we learned fancy hand stretches to help us survive the modern workplace, you’ll absolutely not wanna miss a free employer branding webinar we’re brewing up together featuring the Employer Brand Leads at Instacart and The Trade Desk. Register here to learn strategies on how to concept and execute an authentic employer branding program.

EVENT (VERY RELATED): Folks, we are back for our first HR Breakfast of the year on January 30th. There’s nearly 50 of you already signed up, so hurry and RSVP before we close it out. Sarabeth’s in downtown NYC.

We’ll be having a group discussion on ensuring you have an employer brand worth talking about (and tips on how to talk about it).

READ THIS: In light of our annual conference transformation to a format focusing on CHROs and the like, you’ll see more and more content related to this topic. This week, the ever-encouraging rise of the CHRO piece in Quartz. Everyone should give this a read.

READ THIS (RELATED): If you’re curious how the CHRO role has evolved over the years…or even what the role entails, this Wikipedia article will help.

WATCH THIS (SOUL & WORK): I’ve shared a bit about finding one’s soul with work. I spoke about my grandfather’s conflict in building the Atomic Bomb, and last week I shared that tear-jerker of an award winning mini-documentary by Mailchimp on a farmer in England. This week, the trauma of China’s 1-child policy which includes a bit about one woman’s work to repair the damage she enacted enforcing the policy.

WATCH THIS (RELATED): In an appropriate story to follow the above, learn the great work happening in Scotland to pursue well-being amongst its citizens. Find out what’s possible when government “places factors like equal pay, childcare, mental health and access to green space at its heart”.

YOUR HELP + UNCUBED NEWS (RELATED): It’s very motivating for me to see this newsletter grow and welcome new faces. It rarely happens without your public display of affection for it. So, I’m asking for your help and I’ve made it super easy at the request of my pal Loryn Schiraldo. I’ve created the post for you here, highlighting what this week’s newsletter entails.

Would you please repost and help spread the love for this newsletter?

CONSIDER THIS (ALWAYS UNRELATED): Welcome to one of the most disheartening reads I can recall in a long time. An article that brings to life just how much our trust in government is failing to protect its citizens from life-threatening malfeasance of crony-capitalistic enterprises. In short, it focuses on how chemical companies pollute the hell out of communities and lobby furiously to cover it up.

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  • Talent Acquisition Sourcing Specialist (St. Paul or London) – Merrill
  • Technical Recruiter (London) – DICE (ticketing)

VP & Above HR Jobs:

  • Director, HRBP (Norwalk, CT) – Datto
  • Director, HRBP (Jersey City) – Clover Health
  • Director of HR (Syracuse) – TCGplayer (gaming)
  • Director of DE&I (NYC) – Greenhouse

Senior | Director Level & Below HR Jobs:

  • Senior HR Business Partner – Tech (SF) – Dropbox
  • Tech Recruiter (NYC) – Vimeo
  • Group Fitness Instructions (SF) – Equinox (I mean why the hell not add this random one for a change?)
  • Payroll Specialist (Foster City, CA) – Zoox (robotics)
  • Recruiter (Austin) – Favor (delivery)
  • Senior HR Analyst (NYC) – Payoneer
  • HR Lead (NYC) – Animoto
  • Payroll Specialist (NYC) – Vox Media

Companies with multiple HR Jobs:

  • Vox Media (NYC, SF, DC)
  • Intercom (SF, Dublin)
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