Secrets to a Killer Onboarding Process

August 7, 2018 By admin

In the HR world, on boarding new employees often receive enough attention. People will nod absentmindedly about its importance but forget to allocate the appropriate dose of time and resources required to make it a success. Some teams (Twitter, Pinterest…we’re looking at you) do a superb job when welcoming new hires to a team.

Read on for advice on how to jump-start your on boarding process.

This Week’s Picks:

  • Learn how to upgrade your on boarding process in less than 9 minutes: Video time! The team at Greenhouse shows us how it’s done. Make sure to find those employees that want to welcome and teach new hires and get them involved on a consistent basis.
  • Easy actionable steps to tweak an established on boarding strategy:  Not all on boarding strategies need a major overhaul. Why not test out a few small fixes? My pick: Show (not just tell) them what your culture is all about with a regular activity (stand-up meetings, mentoring sessions, a creative team competition etc.)
  • How & When to Achieve Optimal On Boarding:  Timing is everything. A common frustration among new hires is the lack of information about the details of their their first week. Correct that and think of ways to start virtual on boarding well before Day 1.
  • Gallup’s Take on Connecting with Employees: We forget that new hires are sensitive human beings embarking into new, uncharted territory. During the on boarding period, it’s crucial to remember the new employee’s goals, obstacles, and complications outside of the office. Are you in tune with your new hire’s psychological needs?

As with anything in life, training, support, and education make for happy, well-adjusted individuals. Attention paid to your company’s onboarding process will only lead to a satisfied, well-developed team in the future.


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