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7 Startups With The Best Careers Pages

December 16, 2014 By Jack Krupnik

“Promise, large promise, is the soul of advertisement.” Samuel Johnson said this about ads, but he could have been talking about careers pages.

Of course, a great careers page needs the right information too.

Let’s take a look at seven of the best careers pages we’ve come across.

LearnVest’s careers page is lively and hilarious. Visitors meet team members in a background video that dance and high-five as they walk by. And the benefits page is complete with GIFs from Wet Hot American Summer and Ferris Bueller.

learnvest - best careers pages

We were secretly hoping Square’s careers page would be a mess. You know, what if the great payments innovator – the one with a tightly designed product, and generally great aesthetic sense – just had a crummy career page? They don’t. It’s good looking. Very good looking. And their Code Camp video is worth a look, too.


Huge wins the award for getting the word “shit” to appear earliest on their careers page. There it is. Right there at the top. The rest of the page is gorgeous – we’d expect little else from the Dumbo design behemoth.


On Knewton’s page, visitors can actually watch a different video for each department – grounding their understanding in what everyone does. And there are loads of interview tips. Shame on those who show up unprepared to a Knewton interview.


Shutterstock joins the list of best careers pages by highlighting their Hack to the Future build-a-thons and, of course, their shiny Empire State Building digs.


WibiData also offers insights into its interview process, and puts potential applicants to work right away by challenging them to complete custom Portal 2 levels.


SeatGeek gets right to it, with a list of openings right at the top. Right below that, they highlight who’s currently on team with oddball descriptions – from “prolific vuvuzela player” to “Olympic-hopeful fencer”. We dig.


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