Stories of good & bad leadership + why ambitious women have flat heads + 4 VP level HR jobs

November 21, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

Mass layoffs have arrived...

I don’t really know what to banter about today and I’m running from meeting to meeting, so I don’t have too much time to provide what I normally consider reasonable entertainment (I may seriously be fooling myself here).

Just a quick note to say that I very much appreciate all of you who take the time to read this email, share ideas with me and generally lift my spirits by sharing funny anecdotes about your own lives. Keep it up.

Quick update: the unfortunate news about pending layoffs at WeWork has officially hit home, as quite a few folks I work with directly or indirectly are going into the holiday in career transition (note, if you’re friends with any, we have an event on 12/3 for WeWork folks to meet new companies (pw: makeworkhuman).

Clearly each and every person affected by these layoffs are going to do some serious due diligence on a company’s founders and leadership before jumping in (if you have a solid leadership team, this is genuinely where publicly available content is super useful).

READ THIS:  Speaking of terrible leadership, take time to read this incredible story of a Sacramento King’s executive that stole $13m from the organization.

Not many folks know this, but this same exact bait & switch approach to fraud happened to me with the soccer league I co-founded (obviously at a much smaller scale). I’ll tell you about it over drinks one day…

WATCH THIS: Speaking of getting to know founders, one of the most recent videos we worked on was featuring a number of founders within ZX Ventures portfolio. Check it out here.

HIRE ENGINEERING TALENT:  In case you missed my note last week, there are loads of great, diverse, entry-level engineers hitting the market as part of the TechHire – OpenCode program, which has placed talent into the likes of Google, Viacom, Intersection, Capgemini & others.

Here are a few members of the most recent cohort. Feel free to reach out to any directly. Get to know them. Hire them! https://uncubed.com/laguardia-techhire-opencode-cohort-5/.

WATCH THIS: Learn why ambitious women have flat heads, from one remarkable woman who appears to have taken the opposite approach to leadership as Adam Neuman (TED Talk).

READ THIS: Here is as brief an article as you’re going to get on good leadership. This one is about “rallying the troops” around a cause. Here’s a snippet:

  • “If you’re going to demand your people do something extraordinary, you’ve got to be there with them while they’re doing it.”

LISTEN:  Finally, a related article / short podcast on why we expect more from female CEOs.

CONSIDER THIS: This week in non-HR news that I feel may be worth of your attention, a short and informative podcast on the predatory real-estate practices that robbed black families in Chicago of billions.

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