Thoughts on this EVP? + Embracing imperfection + Scaling culture + Adversity metrics + Surviving a mass shooting

June 20, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

I genuinely would like your opinion...

Hi folks,

What is with the rain in NYC these past few months? Can we prematurely blame weather-changing technology companies? It’s already happening in China.

Yesterday, I went to the Steve Nash Showdown in Chinatown. It was fun watching soccer pros & ex-pros, NBA players and the like run around on a slick, wet field. 6′ 9″ NBA star, Luol Deng, scored something like 5 goals and assisted a few as well. His twin inn height, Larry Nance, Jr., was almost equally as impressive.  Check ’em out below:

But the surprising highlight happened when I asked someone next to me who the quiet, skinny fella was out on the pitch, having not recognized him. Turns out it was Anthony Borges, a student that survived 5 gunshot wounds during the Parkland shooting.

Learn more about this young man by watching this 10 min Bleacher Report special on him.

An EVP by the people: If there is one link you click in this email, let it be this one. We are helping a client shape a candidate-facing EVP identity shaped by you, the people. As an HR professional, not only will you provide great insights, but you’ll learn something as well. Plus, it’s fun, includes logos and you may walk away with $100! Take the survey here.

Read this (not HR related): This in-depth article on what happened to the Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared is extraordinary. If you dare read it in full, then you will get a pretty shocking look at just how dangerous poor mental health can be.

Read: Ever ask yourself, “will our culture scale as we grow? Read and find out.

WatchThis TED talk from Girls Who Code founder, Reshma Saujani, shares her personal story about running for congress (and losing) and inspiring girls to take risks and embrace imperfection. Reshma’s schedule prevented her from joining us at HR Uncubed this year, but expect her in 2020.

Read: In an interesting progression of events, the SAT may begin adding an “adversity” score to help gauge the inequity (or privilege) that test takers have faced leading up to the exam. Read more about that here.I’m off next week. Just me and Calila upstate, trying to dodge ticks. I do plan on getting an email out to you next week, though. Keep your eyes peeled.

Bye for now,


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