Why time flies + Privilege explained + Hiring for a profitable company + Lots of HR jobs

June 6, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

You'll Never Walk Alone

Hi,Gotta get through this one quickly. Still so much for all of us to do before HR Uncubed next week. If you’re interested in joining us, we’re closing tickets tomorrow night. Head here if you’d like to join us or watch this 61s video on what to expect:

But before we get to the HR stuff, an email from me wouldn’t be complete without a shoutout to the greatest football team in the land, Liverpool FC, for winning the Champion’s League and bringing me to tears:

Privilege: In other news – explaining the realities of privilege can be a bit challenging. It’s relatively straightforward when we’re talking about how coming from wealth increases your likelihood of success. But it’s tougher when trying to communicate the benefits of less straightforward privilege, stemming from systemic, institutional, and historical factors. Check out this video from a couple years ago about privilege, which helps illustrate privilege in a creative and impactful way.

A non-HR event you may like: Folks, a subject near and dear to my heart is the theme of an upcoming conference called Inflection. It’s about building profitable companies, often without raising much outside capital. That’s the Uncubed story and it’s a surprisingly rare story in today’s tech narrative. For HR folks, building teams for profitable, bootstrapped companies is completely different than VC-backed technology companies many of us are used to. Join the community and see if it’s a nice fit for you.

Remote-work poetry: “I never want you to feel horrible for being a human being”. Read the rest here.

Inspiration: Career Page:  I randomly landed on the Major League Soccer career page (I swear I wasn’t job searching) and was pretty impressed. Needs work, especially on some dead-end links, but overall I like the direction. Take a look.

Finally – don’t freak out: But this is why time flies and it’s really depressing.

Everyone, have a wonderful weekend. Next week, I’m not sure I’ll have anything to do without a conference to help plan!


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