How Transfix Uses Amazon RDS to Pair Shippers and Carriers

December 3, 2019 By Conor Armor

Transfix is a digital freight marketplace that connects shippers with carriers to ensure that both parties can carry out their operations as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

According to Transfix’s senior product manager Sunny Shah, 70% of what you see around you has been brought in on a truck.

However, the process of shipping via trucks has long been extremely inefficient, as many truckers have been forced to make nationwide journeys carrying far less than their freight capacity.

That inefficiency helped to inspire Transfix’s matching algorithm, which finds carriers and suppliers looking to head to similar destinations and deliver similar products.

Transfix uses Amazon’s Relational Database Service to handle scaling, so that their internal team can focus on the algorithm itself and make life easier for shippers and carriers alike.

We went into Transfix’s Manhattan offices to meet with the Transfix team and learn more — here is what we found.

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