How Uncubed Daily Prepares You For Today’s Careers

November 22, 2016 By Jack Krupnik

When we made the big transition from Wakefield to Uncubed Daily, we promised our revised editorial would include “more tips and tricks to optimize you for the modern workplace” and we’ve been working hard to deliver.

Our daily content now covers four main areas: career, culture, tools and skills, and workplace. Check out what we’re cooking up within each…

Career: The big kahuna. Every Monday we’re continuing to deliver you a roundup of top jobs in the form of “The Business”. Sounds like old news? Well we’re featuring hiring companies with videos on Uncubed. This means you can actually get an inside look at who you’d be working alongside and what you’d be working on before you even apply. Leg up? We think so!

But we’re not just here to deliver. We’re here to prepare! So we’ll show you how an interests section can boost a resume and how to ace the follow-up after a phone interview, plus more relevant and creative ways to get ahead in the job search. (Not to mention, job specific prep like So You Want to Become a Data Scientist?.

And if you’re just starting out and curious about what those crazy startup job titles actually mean – we’ve got you covered. In articles like What is a Community Manager? and What’s Product Management?, we speak with individuals who actually hold these job titles to break down what it is they do and the skills you’ll need to get there. Which leads us to…

Tools and Skills: Sharpen up your day-to-day work skills with 7 Great Apps for Writers or 5 of the Best Apps for Managing Email. Oh, and we’ve even got toys to get your kids coding.

Workplace: We’ve got you covered beyond the job hunt. We take workplace to mean the physical and the mental. From rundowns of the best coworking spaces, tips for making your meetings better, or how to maintain your health in the office. So even if jobs aren’t on your mind, we still hope to be your everyday guide to navigating (and rockin’) the modern workplace.

Culture: Working for a startup (or wanting to work for a startup) means constantly being “in the know”. This is where we’ve kept the Wakefield flavor alive by covering the latest news in Silicon Alley and beyond. Whether that means the burst of new companies tackling women’s health, battles between tech giants, or the tech behind electronic voting.

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