Uncubed & Mediabistro’s Statement on Social Injustice

June 17, 2020 By admin

The killing of George Floyd by a police officer, and the protests that have ensued, are bringing to light not only recent transgressions by law enforcement and the horrific deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others – but the deeply systemic racism and centuries-old inequalities facing Black Americans.

Uncubed/Mediabistro acknowledges and condemns these injustices, and is pledging to use our platform to be a larger part of the long-term process towards equity for all. Like many organizations, this has been an awakening for us that we need to do more.

It has taken us some time to make this statement. We were uninterested in making a quick, unsubstantial announcement or committing to a one-off action.

Instead, we wanted to take the time to discuss and reflect as a team, and collect input from the whole group. As importantly, we wanted to build an actual plan. A statement without a plan is mostly fluff. There’s sufficient fluff out there already.

Here is our plan. We’re committing to the following:

  • Adding a standing goal to our quarterly goals process directly tied to our impact on eliminating inequity. This will be the ongoing lever that we have to make sure we’re focusing sustained energy on these efforts. It’s the most critical commitment, as it will allow our plan to build and evolve over time.
  • Implementing anti-racism training for our entire team by the end of 2020. There is a flood of new resources here, and more will emerge. We’re going to follow the lead of our excellent payroll & HR services provider (Justworks) and see which training they offer, endorse, or use themselves before choosing our own.
  • Supporting Black- and Brown-owned businesses in attracting talent. All Black- and Brown-owned and led businesses will be eligible to receive a 60% discount on our job boards (Uncubed, Mediabistro) indefinitely.
  • Implementing an internal forum for customer discussion. This will allow employees to voice concerns about customers that we’re serving, and will provide the mechanics for resolution in such cases.
  • Institutionalizing our work that supports underserved communities. We’ve historically worked with top-notch partners to help underserved communities gain access to job opportunities and skills training. These include LaGuardia Community College, NPower, Per Scholas, NYC Center for Youth Employment, and the NYC Economic Development Corp. We’ve also been one of the largest sources of under-represented minority hires for technology roles at a Fortune 100 client. Our shortfall has been isolating this work with one team or another in our company–we’ve not made a unified, concerted effort across our company. In some cases, we haven’t even broadcasted our work successfully internally–let alone externally. A Q3 goal will be to develop a specific strategy to improve here.
  • Promoting a social good partner each quarter. We’ll do this through our website, newsletter audiences, and social media channels. We have significant reach, and an influential community, and we’re pledging to leverage this standing more effectively.
  • Quarterly monetary support to a social good organization. We’ve made an initial donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Each quarter, we’ll choose another group to support. These will be relatively small and in line with our overall budget–but it’s something.

By design, this is an incomplete plan. Our goals process allows us to take time to develop pieces of our company. This is no different. The important thing was to codify what we can upfront, and create the process for continuous development going forward. We believe this plan does this.

We’re also aware that we serve two unique communities, each with their own challenges. Mediabistro is made up of editorial and content folks. The Uncubed community is mostly made up of those with technology backgrounds. Both have had significant issues with diversity, equity, and inclusion–and there are specific things we can do with each over time. We will solicit feedback as we go to see where we can be most effective in each community.

The two mission statements Uncubed has had since inception are “make work human” and “make the job search work beautifully for all”. While social injustice is a much wider societal issue, there’s little doubting the importance of work opportunity in driving the overall push toward equality. It’s a big responsibility–and it’s clear that we have not done enough. In short, we need to work harder to fulfill the promise of the only mission statements we’ve had. We’re pledging to do that now.


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