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Uncubed Update: Coronavirus, Remote Work, and Campus Recruiting

March 17, 2020 By Chris Johnson

Tens of millions of people in the US just got a very swift indoctrination into remote work–and thousands of managers are trying to figure out what in the heck these people need.

Uncubed is a remote-first company, and we’ve always serviced remote workers and remote companies, from 100-person startups to the Fortune 100, as part of our solution. 

In the weeks ahead, we’re going to be shifting considerable resources to helping employees, candidates, students, and companies navigate this period. 

For companies, this means the following:

  • Expanding our remote campus recruiting offering. This has been a stalwart piece of our talent sourcing solution, and it just got a lot more important. As campuses have been emptied out, the only way for companies to advance their campus hiring initiatives, and for students to be able to pursue an internship or full-time role, is through a 100% digital solution like this. 
  • Offering internal training content creation services. Uncubed Studios, our brand and engagement studio, builds internal training videos and other content for companies, in addition to other brand and engagement capabilities. As companies quickly move to a remote environment, communicating new policies and best practices, along with keeping employees engaged will be a massive challenge. 
  • Increased focus on remote work opportunities on our job boards. We believe that this period is going to accelerate companies’ openness to hire remote talent. Both the Mediabistro and the Uncubed job boards will see an increase in the number of remote opportunities and their prominence on the sites.  
  • Outplacement services and candidate experience technology. This period is undoubtedly going to bring layoffs across many industries. We’ve already worked with dozens of companies with a solution to help employees find their next role–and we’ll soon be announcing a new tech-enabled service on this front. 
  • Additional remote work content and events. Our newsletters for our community of employers are going to include additional tips and strategies for remote work, and our community events will happen online and will be centered around solving remote work challenges for the near term. Sign up for our Uncubed or Mediabistro newsletters now to learn more about this content.

For our community of jobseekers, students,  and professional community, this will mean the following:

  • Expanding opportunities for students. This is going to be highly disruptive to students everywhere. We’re going to be expanding the number of opportunities available to them directly from our platform, as an alternative to being on campus. Our Uncubed Entry weekly newsletter can be found here
  • Additional remote work tips. Working remote is divisive for workers–few are neutral on the topic. Those that do it well certainly have a strategy, and we’ll be sharing those tips with our entire community across our channels with a focus on our Uncubed Intel and Mediabistro Uptake (available with account creation) newsletters.
  • Focus on new openings. Many are likely to lose their jobs in the coming months. We’re going to work extremely hard to keep new opportunities in front of our audience to ensure that those that are looking can quickly find a new opportunity.
  • Focus on remote jobs. As noted above, our Uncubed and Mediabistro boards will increasingly focus on remote opportunities. Even if this all gets sorted out quickly, we believe it’ll lead to a long-term increase in the number of remote opportunities. 

We’re in a unique position to help companies and workers navigate this, and we’re re-allocating resources to reflect that as fast as we can.

That said, we also know that the real crisis is not optimizing home office playlists or at-home workouts. It’s the fact that millions of Americans are already out of work; we’re concerned for the hairdressers, drivers, bartenders, waitstaff, theater workers, event workers, and anyone else in the service industry or another sector that has been immediately forced out of work. Frankly, we wish we could do more to help them.

We feel the way we can have the most economic impact in this situation is by helping companies keep their teams working through this period, and by helping those in our community with remote work and to find new opportunities–and we’re dedicating the full force of our team to do just that.



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