Unlikely Employer Brand winner + Career aspirations from a 9 year old + The working parent COVID life + Instagram recruiting + Employee models

January 21, 2021 By Tarek Pertew

Plus, a highly recommended mobile game...


Well, it’s a start of a new era here in the United States. I hope that world-positive movements that have shaped the past few years continue to penetrate the darkness and provide everlasting, positive change.

I often think about what it will be like to reflecting back on periods of our lives. What did we learn? What good came out of it?

It will be interesting to answer the question ” what was it like?” from children who weren’t alive or were too young to remember?

During the Christmas break, I found a stash of childhood items at my mother’s house. One item was a homework assignment I did that captured 25 things I wanted to do in my life. Below is word for word what I wrote, inclusive of punctuation, misspellings and little line breaks between each “wish”.

For anyone who finds my communication rather eloquent, allow the below to spark wonder as to how I made it this far. For those of you who find my line of communication erratic at best, then you’ll see that I never stood a chance (requires reading it in full).

June 27th, 1991 (I am 9 years old)

I would like to train dolphins. | be a better skier | Play the trumpet | buy alot of pets. | make new friends | Be a better soccer player | Be a better racketball player | Be a better basketball player | Get better at tennis | Meet alot of vetenarions | Go around the world | Have a peaceful life | See some of my old friends | Meet famous people | Mucichan | electrition | engin | carpenter | Have good children | a good wife | Steve Wonder | China | Japan | Hong Kong | Andre the giant | Go to outerspace |

I must have received the ageless advice to “start and finish strong” at a rather young age. Cause what’s in-between are the musings of a mad person.

For instance, what consists of an “old friend” to a 9 year old? Why do I suddenly stop wishing for things and start listing countries and people? What does Andre the Giant have to do with anything?

Was my inability to finish the word “engineer”  a strange premonition that it would be a skill I often longed for but never worked on?

Anyway, never trained a dolphin, have no plans on heading to outerspace and, go figure, have checked off most of the items in-between.

My 9 year old self is now my LinkedIn profile picture for National Change-Your-LinkedIn-Profile-Picture-to-a-Childhood-Yearbook-Photo Day.


Last week, I got the scoop on where everyone’s head was at in terms of cost for a headline employer brand video. The majority of you felt it would be about $10K (35%). About 1/3 of you opted for $1K and an iPhone. The rest of you felt $25K or higher. From our experience, budgeting $25K is a smart move if you want a killer capstone video that lasts for years.

This week, if you could do it all over again, which of the below do you want to been when you grow up?

Professional mini-golf player
 Dolphin Trainer
Operating a catamaran in the Florida Keys
Yoga Instructor
Police Officer
Treasure Hunter

*As always, your answer is 100% anonymous, even to me. .


Below are weekly reads, watches, and/or listens:

  • READ THIS (REMOTE WORK): If you manage a parent (or are a parent) working remotely, then this NY Times piece is a must read on the very difficult reality of being a working parent during COVID.

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