Video Job Descriptions are coming to Uncubed

Announcing An Uncubed Beta! Video Job Descriptions

April 21, 2017 By Tarek Pertew

Announcing VJD Beta

Earlier this year, my cofounder and Uncubed CEO Chris Johnson made the bold proclamation that the online job listing was dead.

The driving force behind its demise? Millennials, of course — after all, they also killed napkins and golf. But this isn’t a blame game.

Chris argued that the largest demographic in the today’s workforce has come to value different, more meaningful things from an employer than those in the past. When considering a job, millennials are more interested in how thoughtful a team is, how inspiring a workplace is, and what a company actually stands for rather than salary or benefits.

So how can you convey all of those things in a static job listing? Well, you can’t — but you can that through video, which we’ve long argued is the best medium for conveying your employer brand. To that end, we’ve worked with clients like IBM to Dots and plenty of companies in between to produce a series of high quality, high production-value videos that showcase the best of each company and its team and culture.

And yet, the static job listing languishes on, even on our own site. Today, that changes with the announcement of our Video Job Description (VJD) alpha.

So, just what are Video Job Descriptions?

It’s simple: VJDs don’t replace the static job description entirely. (Not yet, anyway.) Instead, they act as a powerful, rich-media supplement to the job description you have posted across job boards.

They’re short (less than 30 seconds; check out our own version here) and they’re lightweight: meant to be filmed at the hiring manager’s desk, and in minimal time. They’re not of the same high quality that our regularly produced videos are, though through following our best practices, your VJD should turn out looking polished.

Most importantly, VJDs are authentic.

Instead of rattling off a bullet-pointed list of requirements for a position, our VJD prompts ask a hiring manager to stress just a few key points about the type of candidate she or he is looking for and why she or he is so personally excited to hire for the role. Their answers result in a video with a conversational, dynamic tone, one that’s far more enlightening than even the best text description could be on its own.

On a final and related note, VJDs fall squarely in line with Uncubed’s mission: To Make Work Human. What’s more human than hearing from an actual human being about the position she or he is hiring for?

If you’re a client and interested in participating in a beta VJD with us, please let us know. If you’re not yet a client but would like to be, contact us here. And for more specifics on best practices around filming a video job description, click here.

We’re confident that it’s only a matter of time before VJDs start to become one of the main ways to attract high quality (millennial) talent, and we look forward to getting ahead of that curve as your partner. After all, do you want to go the way of bar soap?


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