[Watch] Perry Piep of Splash and Joshua Ness of Verizon on How to Network Effectively

February 23, 2018 By admin

In December, I attended a networking event for women in tech and found myself incredibly overwhelmed at the amount of people in the room eager to make connections. Person after person would come up to me, make small talk, and give me a business card. I felt underprepared.

Should I have brought business cards?
Where is the class in college that tells you these things?

Well, there wasn’t one, so I decided to make one myself.

I invited Perry Piep, Product Specialist at Splash, and Joshua Ness, Senior Manager of Open Innovation at Verizon, to talk about how to network effectively.

Some takeaways from the conversation were as follows:

  • An effective networker does more listening than talking
  • Aim to get more business cards than you give
  • “Every 4th grader is a god to a 3rd grader” (you’ll have to watch to find out what this means)

Check the video below! You’re sure to become a better networker because of it 😉


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