Weekly Update: International Forces at Play in the Workforce

September 26, 2018 By admin

As world leaders storm Manhattan this week for the UN General Assembly (and President Trump makes a much-anticipated address about globalization), New Yorkers are in a global mood. In addition to thinking about the catastrophic traffic jams that clog Midtown East, individuals are pondering growth to new markets and our intertwined relationships with domestic and international entities.
In the tech world, global expansion of companies is a commonplace situation. Pop-up offshoots of successful startups sprout in Hyderabad, Helsinki, and East London. Global partnerships become ever-more important. Or even if your company only has 1 office in a U.S. locale, your consumers, readership audience, and clients hail from different time zones. Furthermore, your company is forced to operate in a global mindset and be aware of all occurrences, from visa restrictions for job seekers to trade disputes to shrinking economies.
This week’s picks:
  •  Everyone in the world wants mobile services: The pioneering Nigerian company, Paga, is ready to grow. Its online payments platform’s moves onto the global stage signify the need for mobile services in new global markets such as Russia, Indonesia, and Brazil.
  • Female leadership changing the global landscape at Walmart: Judith McKenna, CEO of Walmart’s global division, is revolutionizing the behemoth’s stake in international retail. Four months in, she’s making waves on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Growing salaries in Europe don’t explain slow wage increases in U.S.: Paychecks have been increasing in many European countries. Experts in global economics are having a hard time explaining why wages have increased suddenly in the EU but American growth is comparatively negligible.
  •  Gates demands more accountability for international education standards: Bill Gates made headlines last week when he called for improved evaluation procedures for global education policies, particularly in economically disadvantaged nations. As all employers consider international hires, collaborate with global employees, and rely upon data developed by foreign employees, their education, skills training, and knowledge base is of tantamount importance.
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