What You Missed If You Missed the Talks at NYC Uncubed

May 29, 2015 By Chris Johnson

Little known fact: our new online learning platform, Uncubed, was actually launched at NYC Uncubed two years ago.

Just before our Fall 2013 conference, we’d asked our community what more they wanted from us. The top answer was skills classes. So that’s we added.

It was a simple concept. Pick great companies and allow them to lead the classes. Companies got a huge room of people to focus entirely on their company, and their brand, for the duration of the class. And the audience got to learn skills directly from companies that they were using to grow their companies. There’s no gap between academic instruction and practical application.

When the feedback came back strong, we built it permanently into the conference. And then, we put it online. That’s how our learning platform came to be. To honor that – and because it’s such a strong complement to the content we’ve built online – we doubled down and added even more skills classes to NYC Uncubed.

Here are some highlights.

Oscar’s Veronica Parker-Hahn’s class on building an authentic marketing campaign was a great counterpart her class on Uncubed (Which, if you ever wanted to see what planning a massive marketing campaign for a new brand looks like, this is the class for you – check it out.)

oscar health at uncubed edge live

Most of the classes and talks were led by folks who we haven’t yet seen on our online learning platform. Like Kegan Schouwenberg, the CEO of Sols, the 3D printed footbeds and orthotics company. Schouwenberg, who previously was the head of industrial engineering and ops at Shapeways, gave a hugely insightful primer on the future of printed objects.

Kegan Schouwenburg uncubed edge live

We hope to one day have Kegan and her design-savvy team on Uncubed as well.

(A good example of other product and design classes that are currently on the platform is How to Use Design as a Bridge, by Luca de Rosso, Head of Product Design at SumAll.)

Then, even if you’re not into sports, it’s hard not to be curious about what celebrities face when they venture off into startupland. Former New York Football Giants star Tiki Barber shed some light on that in his one-on-one with the editor-in-chief of Wakefield, Guy Cimbalo. Building Thuzio, it turns out, has been as challenging for Tiki as any of his other endeavors.


(And yes, those are flowers AND doggie obstacles on stage. We’ll buy dinner for anyone who can find another instance of a former football player giving on an interview surrounded by accouterments like this.)

Scott Heiferman, Meetup’s Founder & CEO, talked about the history of Meetup and the staggering growth of its community to-date. (He did not, however, smash an iPad with a sledgehammer. Next time?)

scott heiferman meetup at uncubed edge live

If you’re working on growing your community, Contently’s class on the topic – How to Grow Your Audience by 500% – is worth a look.

With a lineup like this, it was pretty easy for us to feel like we were….how shall we say…insufficiently accomplished. And that was before 4Catalyzer’s Dr. Jonathan Rothberg got up there. He talked about the motivations of building another company after prior successes (prior to 4Catalyzer, Rothberg built and sold two DNA sequencing companies) – and, naturally, about mapping the human genome.

dr jonathan rothberg uncubed edge live

(We regret to inform you that our online learning platform does not have any classes, tutorials, or tips on mapping the human genome.)

If you missed this NYC Uncubed, fall will be here before we know it. And we’ll be releasing updates throughout the summer on content, speakers, and companies.

Check out videos on Uncubed now.


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